12. Push yourself physically by training for (&FINISHING) a marathon

23 May

I’m making a very honest and active effort to do more fun things with my life, and I know 25 doesn’t sound old to a lot of people but I feel old! I don’t understand how I went from a scared kid in a new school at 9 to graduating college. It’s like I blinked an so much of my life has already passed by; I’m not a kid anymore but I certainly have time left to be young and I am packing as much fun into that time as I can!

One thing that I truly never thought I would do was finish a marathon. But the Color Run sounded like a lot of fun! As the days got closer and closer to the day of the race the more paranoid I got. I have an ankle that just misbehaves (funny story about a girl texting while walking down wet stairs)…essentially I started to panic about being able to finish this race without my ankle attempting to kill me.

Every day during lunch, that it wasn’t raining, I would walk around the whole Weaver Leather property; it was just under a mile and half of it was uphill so I like to think I was working pretty hard. Well race day comes and I’m one can of V8 energy drink pumped up ready to go! 8,000 people, canons of color, 4 sets of speakers blaring music, and half a mile into this thing I was already in pain. My sister was kind enough to slow her pace so I could chug along. I didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t run this race. It wasn’t going to happen. That would take months of training and my measly 1 mile walk a day wasn’t going to get me there.Image

Did I technically train for this event? Yes. Did I run? That’s a big fat no. But I jogged through the color stations and ran through the finish line. Did I have fun? Absolutely. It feels good to know that I made a decision to participate in an event that scared the bajeezis out of me and then finished the race. I finished a 5k. That’s pretty darn cool; I FINISHED a 5k. Go me! And bonus: Single Girls Bucket List Item Number 12? CHECK.



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