28. Make a List of All (well maybe some) of your Faults.

24 May

Initially I intended to avoid this number until the very end…but after some reflection I decided to rip off the imaginary band-aid and as honestly as I can handle check number 28. off my list. I hope that if anyone reads this…they don’t think badly of me.

  1. I think I’m funny…but not many people agree.
  2. I snore and talk in my sleep, sometimes even walking and attempting to clean, work, get dressed for the day…I’ve even been known to put all my clothes in the tub for no reason, or toss my favorite book in the trash; totally strange I am aware.
  3. I speed. I do I hate driving slow; I want to get to where I am going!
  4. I have a temper…sometimes its directed to the idiot driving slow preventing me from getting where I want to go at the speed I want to get there- they often get the looser sign from me (I don’t give anyone the middle finger because I have my sorority letters on my car). And it also comes out in political discussion.
  5. I have strong opinions; that once my mind is made up I probably won’t be changing it.
  6. Stubborn.
  7. I mess with my face a lot…I know that sounds gross but I’m waging a war against the adolescent completion that is lingering in my twenties.
  8. Math. I stuck at it. BIG time.
  9. I’m really really really hard on myself; for everything.
  10. I’m over what is considered a healthy weight.

pointing hand vintage image graphicsfairy2

At the end of the day I don’t think I am a terrible person and my good qualities, hopefully, outweigh the bad.


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