30. Road Trip with Friends (or better yet sisters!)

18 Jun

June 13th-16th I was on a road trip from Ohio to Tifton, Georgia. The purpose of this trip was to attend the wedding of a sorority sister but it turned into a journey of sorts with unlimited laughter, some tears, a good whack over the head.

IMG_1374I made this trip with a sorority sister and good friend; now we had intended to leave on Wednesday the 12th as soon as we got off of work…I had all my bags packed and sitting on the porch ready to go when my county got hit with tornado warning after tornado warning- the weatherman literally said “Baltic take shelter”. Baltic is so small and insignificant that when my mom and I heard that we immediately went into the basement. Thankfully we never had a tornado touch down but the wind and rain was enough to delay my travel buddy several hours, at which point we decided to just sleep at my house and leave at 4:30 in the morning.

Our drive south often encountered hard rain and strong winds but neither of us complained- leaving Ohio for a little while was worth whatever mother nature could throw at us. We enjoyed snacks and spent several hours just catching up on the year since I graduated and we had lost constant contact. It’s amazing how much changes in 400 days…I went from a college kid to a working woman and she went from a nanny in California to 14 hour desk job days. Silly drama to bills and life. You defiantly grow up a lot after high school during college but you grow up even more as a post grad. I’m just glad I had so much fun in college because my fun now is significantly more spread out now.

1011833_10101588775423344_696658270_nOne of the most hilarious things to happen on our journey south involved this fantastic southern fast food restaurant called Zaxby’s. I bragged about their house salad with fried chicken, perfect ranch, onion crispys, and buttered Texas toast for an hour at least…we just had to find a Zaxby’s to eat at! As our hunger grows and no Zaxby signs in sight we finally give up- not three seconds later we see and Exit now for Zaxby’s billboard! SCORE! So delicious and so worth the wait….another even more hilarious tidbit to this story to come later, stay tuned.

I am a social media freak, I posted on twitter, , Foursquare, Facebook, and Instagram the whole way to Georgia and back so as we got closer to Atlanta a sister of ours who lives in a suburb there saw my status and asked us to stay with her for the night; awesome one less hotel bill! We ate dinner at this amazing salad bar place with several flavors of lemonade- delicious. It was nice to catch up with the gals there; lots more laughter and a fairly good night’s sleep and we were off again!

We finally make it to Tifton Friday morning and we are driving down this great old road that is quintessential of every country song about “Red Dirt Roads” with cotton fields and magnolia trees on both sides of the road and we are most definitely in Georgia now. The heat didn’t bother me one bit, yeah its hot but it felt loving and not in the least bit hellish. The bride was so excited to see us, big hugs to go around! Now in full disclosure the bride and I used to not get along one bit, not at all. But we have both matured a lot. I’d say her more so than me seens as she’s the one getting married! I’m so not ready for that!

We spent the day driving around Tifton catching up with the bride and learning all about the groom, who is so perfect for her by the way, we ate lunch at a pizza place and then checked into our sad little hotel. I’ve never stayed in such a cheap tiny room before! The 973532_10101582444949664_259046991_nMicrohotel is nice on the pocket book though so I went with it; and also right next door to a Zaxby’s. We all met up at the church as other sisters arrived for the rehearsal, those are never fun, then we headed out to Applebee’s for a roaring good time! It’s amazing how much  you miss your sisters when you’re away from them but you pick right back up, but that’s one of the Greek Life things you’re told during recruitment that turn out to be completely and pleasantly true.

Friday was a late night, and Saturday was an early hectic morning of packing up the car so we could check out before the 11am wedding. In the midst of the chaos I packed my change of clothes! I wasn’t in the wedding but my travel buddy was so she left at 7am and I had several hours to play with so myself and another sister were going to drive around and enjoy the town- until I realized I only had my wedding clothes and the pajamas I slept in. we drove down to the ceremony location so I could get clothes, leaving with a covert mission of decorating the honeymoon suite. Hahah! So we went to Wal-Mart and picked up strawberries, chocolates, whip cream, a scarf, peddles, bubble bath, and color coordinated his and hers lubrication and condoms; their room looked fantastic!

The wedding was small and simple at a quaint little church on the land the grooms family has owned for 200 years, and surrounded by cotton fields just starting to pop-up out of the ground. He was dressed as a self-described Mr. Darcy and she wore a classic white gown with beading- very beautiful. After the “May I now present Mr. and Mrs.….” I took some photographs of the brides maids and the newlyweds. The reception was right next door with barbecue pork and chicken, a secret family sauce recipe, potato salad, and sweet tea.
wesleyan-college_200x200Right after the reception was over we changed out of our dresses said our good byes and got back into the car heading north! We stopped in Macon, Georgia at Wesleyan College where our beloved fraternity was founded, along with Alpha Delta Pi. Walking around this historic campus, the first college that accepted women and where our history started I was overwhelmed! So amazing to be where so many things started, I may or may not of cried a little at one point. I am so, so glad we made a point to stop there! After Wesleyan we went to see the Canon Ball house, unfortunately it was closed. So back in the car we headed straight for home only stopping for gas and a small nap!


The “whack” over the head I mentioned? The bride for the whole time I knew her was adamant that she would never get married, and here she is; married to a man who loves her so completely. She’s so happy, so I have to believe that I will have that one day too: “whack”.

I had such an amazing time crossing number 30 off of my single girls check list! There is nothing better then seeing the country, experiencing history, and making memories with sisters.


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