Post Grad Problems- 20 things NO ONE told you about your 20’s

1 Jul

I was surfing the web for interesting topics for my single girls blog when I stumbled across this little gem; seriously I can’t even begin to tell  you how much numbers 1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 14, 15, 18, and 20 are dead on. I’ve had my ups and downs adjusting to being back home…having my family back on top of me was frustrating. I went from doing what I want when I want no questions asked to “call me when you get there”. Being away from my friends and sorority sisters wasn’t easy either. It’s amazing how much I took for granted living in a hallway full of my favorite people with free entertainment all weekend on campus. Now it takes weeks or more of planning to get some of my friends all in one place, and its usually expensive in gas alone.

Part of me is really loving where my life is right now, I have an awesome job where everyone seems to really like me and value my input, and where also, I am already climbing the ladder. I have a savings account (like a real one) for the first time in my life, I get to wear jeans to work (so awesome) seriously though in Ohio in this job market having a successful job right out of college is really rare. I am not directly using my journalism degree but, lets be real that was never going to happen.

The driving force for this blog was to force me and help me to remember that my life is good just where it is just how it is. I need that, because it’s really not easy to be the only single one left of your friends, its not easy to get on Facebook and see the people I care about most, and even the ones I don’t (at all) getting engaged, married, and starting families. So the idea that I have somehow fallen behind isn’t easy. But then I remind myself I have a lot of things they don’t have and now won’t ever have. I can still take off and go where ever I want, I can buy something crazy expensive just for the heck of it (lets be real though I wouldn’t I’m cheap). The other thing that is making this whole process easier is knowing I am not settling just because I don’t want to be alone. I can’t think of anything more horrifying then marrying someone that my family hates, whom comes from a family that doesn’t like me. So yep I’m cool with waiting for a really fantastic guy because I am a really fantastic gal who deserves it!


Here is the article and link I referenced:

The struggle is real. You graduated, but you’re not actually an adult. You’ve entered the work force, but you’re entirely unprepared. You’re in your 20’s, but it’s not at all as seen on TV. Here’s what no one tells you about life after graduation.

  1. The quarter life crisis is real.
  2. There are no birthdays to look forward to after 21. Yeah, you can rent a car at 25, but have you ever spent time at an Enterprise? That place makes a quarter life crisis seem fun.
  3. Unlike college, there’s not free food everywhere you turn, and you have to grocery shop constantly if you’re not into a starvation diet.
  4. You eat fast food alone on your lunch break out of necessity, not after long nights out with friends when you’re too drunk to count calories.
  5. All of your college friends used to be in one place, and now everyone’s spread out (until the next wedding, at least).
  6. Facebook notifies you about a new engagement every day, in case you weren’t already struggling with your single status and needed a reminder.
  7. You desperately want a dog, but hate the idea of being responsible for a living creature when you can barely take care of yourself.
  8. Drinking daily is no longer considered normal, and neither is throwing up after a particularly memorable night out (if only you remembered it).
  9. You want to travel like everyone else your age, but you need to save up for a new vehicle since your high school car is a mile from a breakdown.
  10. Your co-workers are boring, which makes you realize that if you’re not careful, one day you might be, too.
  11. A 9 to 5 is not the same as waking up at noon for one class.
  12. The professor might not notice if you’re not there, but your boss will.
  13. You can be hungover for class, but at work you have tasks you’re actually expected to accomplish, unfortunately.
  14. Even if you thought you knew exactly what you wanted to do with your life, you’re probably rethinking it now that your idealistic days are over.
  15. You’re supposed to be looking for a relationship, and you’re probably not going to find it verging on a blackout at your favorite bar.
  16. Dancing on pool tables starts to hurt your knees.
  17. Your hangover recovery period is like jet lag because it lasts for days.
  18. All of your family members think that it’s totally appropriate to question you CIA style about your love life (or lack thereof).
  19. “Hooking up” is frowned upon, and now called a “one night stand.”
  20. You will over-analyze every single option that comes your way, make the wrong choice half the time, and still be fine.


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