18. “Do It Yourself” Single Girls- HandyGirls

5 Jul

17344373Ah number 18…the Do it Yourself Single Girl bucket list item, I have been staring at this number from the beginning knowing I could check it off right away but I thought I would save it. I already know I don’t need a man to get stuff around the house done; I am crazy amounts of handy around the house. My dad can build anything- and I totally mean that when I say it. He built our house from the ground up on his own. And where was Jamie growing up? Sitting on the shop floor watching him build things, or next to the truck he was under fixing, or as I got older actually helping. He’s never had a problem letting me use the power tools; and I have to say power tools are pretty fantastic. The air gun is my favorite.

For the past 2 summers dad and I have been working on weekends to get an addition to our house done. Last summer we did the siding (I took down all the old) and we jacked the house up off its foundation-took down a broken basement support wall, built it back, put the house back down, water proof painted everything (it could be a swimming pool now it’s that water tight). We also took out a couple windows, put in new, we put in a French door and then a front door with two side lights.

When we went to Lowes to get the front door it was just dad and I; it took four guys to get the door onto the back of the truck it was so heavy- “I sure hope you have help getting this in!” oh man, so funny dad and I both laughed and said “nope! It’s just us” what took four guys to put on the truck dad and I took it off, carried it to the front and installed it.

We got a ton done last summer because I was home full time, I had just graduated college and hadn’t found a job yet so I just worked at home and applied for jobs at night. A lot of new graduates go off on some world exploring trip or get amazing jobs right away and I didn’t do either; didn’t have the money for the first (although I did ride with dad in the semi to Colorado to pick up a load of logs, which was delayed and we were stuck there for two weeks! The only reason I went was because our family lives there so we stayed with them) and couldn’t find what I wanted for the second. I have a college degree I just signed my life away to pay for I refused to work at a McDonalds.


Dad an I as we started to take down the wall that was behind the fridge

Anyway back to my mad “handy-girl” skills: so that was last summer. This summer so far we have started to frame in upstairs (two story addition our house will now be a tri-level) we framed in the basement (MY room!! And Bathroom), now, my mom hates that I call it a basement: “because it’s not!” its half underground half not….so partially submerged lower level? Whatever you call it my room is down there and I am so excited to have a new room (you’ll understand why in a minute).

During the week I try and get as much done around the house as I can so this past week I insulated the basement; it was hot and dirty and mildly painful. If you get any insulation on you the fiberglass in it will put micro cuts all over your skin hurts like heck and looks like you have a rash. So I had to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt. “Sweating like a pig” (why do we use that phrase? Pigs don’t sweat….strange) I wiped my face on my shirt….fiberglass dust all over my face. Fun times, but I got all the insulation put in! Then I painted the floor; it seals it basically. If it was just a standard old storage only basement it wouldn’t matter that much but since there will be bedrooms down there (two of them a storage room and a bathroom) it was just a good idea to do (eventually when everything is done we will put down carpet squares).


All of my stuff in the living-room, Maggie really enjoyed herself.

So during my day off work for Independence Day we took a massive step forward in getting the addition done! My current bedroom will, when everything is said and done, not exist. The walls will be taken down and it will be a family room. The access to the up and downstairs, stairs is on the other side of my by back bedroom wall. So everything had to come out of my room, what a nightmare, then we cut my back wall out! So until my new bedroom is drywalled I am sleeping next to the refrigerator which was moved into my room because it was blocking the upstairs, stairs.


Before and After we took down the wall! We put up plastic until we can get all the drywall done.

Right now some of my stuff is in my parents’ bedroom, some will be in my sisters bedroom and then the rest is in the living room it’s a disaster but we just keep saying it’s just for a little while because the mess is very stressful. But as soon as my room is drywalled I can move everything into my new room.

Anyway, excitement aside for a moment; I won’t ever need help doing little things around the house because I can already do some big things. As my dad likes to say:  “we sure are doing a good job for an old man and a girl!”

So, without further adieu number 18. on my single girls bucket list; check.wecandovperu-hi


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