Post Grad Poundage

24 Jul

Before you ever step foot on campus you’re told of this mythical “Freshmen 15”. I say mythical because most of the people I knew, myself included lost weight during school contrary to the infamous “15”. During my four years as an undergrad I was involved in more organizations then I could juggle some days and every day running from building to building for class and meetings.

I bet I didn’t even put a thousand miles on my car while I was in school; we walked everywhere and only drove home occasionally, very occasionally. We had to walk to get to all meals, walk to see friends or participate in activities; are you seeing a theme here? Lots of exercises including stairs to get to your dorm room, class room, meals, library…some buildings had elevators but most times it was faster just to take the stairs.

I actually dropped two pant sizes while I was there, not too shabby! It was so easy to eat better too, lots of options to choose from in Convo (our cafeteria was called “convocation” shortened to “convo”), none of which you had to shop for or prepare yourself.

Another factor in the anti-freshmen 15 is that you’re so busy some days you didn’t have time to get a real meal opting for something quick in the microwave. Not necessarily always healthy but usually low in calories. Personally I lived off of peanut butter toast, microwave breakfast sandwiches and box mac-n-cheese.

Hmm…now that I see it written out like this I wonder if I lost weight from simple malnutrition? Just kidding.

Now I want to be honest here we ate a lot of crap. Tubs of cookie dough, popcorn, pizza, and the 21 and over only beverages. But overall I think I ate better at school then I do now. which is the point I’ve been attempting to reach.

After graduation I went from eating fairly healthy and constantly active to a relatively sedentary lifestyle. I worked hard on our house helping with the construction work; but that was on my dad’s days off. When he was gone I watched TV, read books, floated in the pool, and more often than not I was on my butt in front of the computer apply for job after job after job.1258127619992355676j4p4n_Thinking_Woman_-_7.svg.hi

Now one year and three months after graduation I have a professional job where I sit, and sit, and sit at a computer. Occasionally walking to meetings where…I sit. Or walking to different departments to get samples or to ask questions or to answer questions; then back to my desk where I sit. During luck I walk around the property which is close to a mile, but some days…most days, I just sit and catch up on texts and Facebook notifications while I eat (my lunch consists of a meal bar and a sugar free jello cup). When I get home during the week I do a few things around the house and then…sit. I’ll watch a few shows, have dinner and go to bed.

It’s so sad and lame that I hate to admit it! Even though I am actively trying to do things with my life; those activities are separated by long periods of sitting. I have a feeling a lot of newly minted post grads, like myself, struggle with “well now what?” I have the job I spent years preparing for and months fighting for… and now all I do is work, same for all of my friends. It’s hard to find time where everyone who matters also has time to do something fun.

So vastly different then college.

We had nothing but opportunity to do and see and experience and I think I did a good job soaking up taking advantage of as much of that as I could. Which only makes this phase of my life harder. Being an “adult” kinda sucks. I worry about money all the time, my car all the time, making a good impression at work and doing a good job, and seeing my friends who are now spread from coast to coast.

The post grad poundage I have put on since I graduated is more than my pant size. I feel weighed down with responsibility. I’m mildly excited by the new responsibility, it’s a cool new chapter in my life that I am sure one day I will be missing as much as I am missing my previous chapter so I’m going to keep chugging along making opportunities for more memories and experiences. It’s important to work and grow and get established as a professional but I think it’s important too, to make sure that professional isn’t the only thing going on in my life.


This post grad single girl is going to work on shedding the poundage, embracing the weight of responsibly and continuing to enjoy life as much as I did as an undergrad, maybe even more.


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