Single Girl; Thrifty Girl

2 Aug

I’m single so I must be Rolling in the Dough, Right?

Being single doesn’t necessarily mean you have a ton of money. I have student loans coming out of my ears, I still drive my old high school car; which I am constantly praising for continuing to run, and I have to spend a good chunk of money to visit any of my friends who are scattered coast to coast, border to border.

On top of keeping an old car running, gas, loans, bills, friendship maintenance, philanthropy donations, some personal enjoyment and clothes, saving for an uncertain retirement future, a possible house, possible rent, possible wedding…you have to save money early if you want anything later!

A Time Magazine Business & Money article explains how underemployment for those in their 20’s and 30’s is leading to more and more young adults having no choice but to stay home with mom and dad. (Being 30 and Living with Your Parents isn’t Lame- It’s Awesome)


A Dollar Saved is a Dollar Earned

Realistically I’m something of a “tight wad” or “cheap” I hate spending tons of money, I always have. Even when I was a kid I had to be talked into letting my parents buy me something. This has been made worse now that I know how much products cost verse how much they are sold for, all thanks to my job in the purchasing department. Every now and then I go on a spending spree, all clearance items mind you, but a spending spree none-the-less.

For example last night I went to the Tuscarawas County Fairground for their annual Community Garage Sale. All the items are donated throughout the year and then all the proceeds benefit our local Hospice. It’s a pretty fantastic event, and I can’t even imagine how much money they raise. For the 1st night its open you pay $6 to get in, that also comes with a free McDonald’s smoothie coupon. Just from gate sales alone they must bring in a ton of money!

There are the piles of treasures! Two massive barns stuffed to the gills, a very large tent and then the lawn for larger things. Everything I bought was under $5. Items include a Pandora Christmas ornament, really fantastic metal shelf with quatrefoils (Phi Mu) a blue hand knitted baby blanket, brand new all the stitches were still stiff and not a drop of dirt on it for ONE DOLLAR. I’m planning on using that as a base to a baby shower gift for a friend.

My car loaded down with my, and mom's finds

My car loaded down with my, and mom’s finds

several of the things I got

several of the things I got

I also came home with a pair of American Eagle shoes, never worn for $2, a vintage porcelain dish with glass lid and metal cooling and carrying rack only $3. I also got a Full size, sheet set, no stains or dirt not worn at all that I could tell and once I wash and sanitize them really well? $3 yeah that’s totally worth it! Sheets are expensive! I still want to get online and see if I can find a pair of satin pillow cases, they’re supposed to be your hairs best friend but I don’t want all of my sheets to be satin…that just screams skanky to me. I also bought a really old cheese grater for 50 cents it’s in good form just a little rusty but since I’m painting it and hanging my earrings off of it: Perfect!

I am all about the good find, I hate paying full price. And who cares if it’s used! If you wash everything really well and it’s in good shape who cares! It’s better for the environment to reuse and re-purpose things and it’s a lot better for your wallet!

What this all boils down to is suggesting that you have an open mind about garage sales and second hand items. I know they gross some people out, and for good reason. But once its cleaned up, repainted, slip covered…it looks new and it stops being old and becomes yours. The more you can save money now, the better off you’ll be later. Sure you should still go place and see people and treat yourself. But I think it’s a bad idea to drive a car with a $500 a month payment just because you can afford it now. What happens if you loose your job unexpected, or your health? Enjoy the money you work so hard for, but spend it wisely and save as much as you can. It’s so much easier to save money now when its just you then later when you have a family. You could save enough money for a really good house down payment or buy a house outright. Spend wisely and save stingy.

Keep an eye out for a follow-up post about how I re-purpose some of these great finds, and how I use them to create an adult bedroom when you’ve decided to move back in with mom and dad and your old bedroom is filled with really juvenile things that make you feel like a child; and lets be honest here, it’s bad enough you’re back under a parental monarchy.

Single Girls; Thrifty Girls

Single Girls; Thrifty Girls


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