Head & Standards High

5 Aug

I have something of a predicament; I’m single at 25. As I’ve said before it doesn’t bother me all that much because I’m able to save money and do my own thing without worry about anyone else. So this predicament? How do I meet someone!? In middle school my mom would say “high school will be better” which is wasn’t; LIES! In high school “college will be totally different,” well that was true…but the guys were even worse! The poor sex starved little primates.

Now that I’m a full time employed post grad I’m wondering now how am I supposed to meet someone? It didn’t happen in high school, I didn’t happen in college…now what? There is one suggestion that is repeated often to help with this little situation, “invent new hobbies”. Okay, seriously? No. If I don’t like bowling I’m not going to bowl just to meet a guy, that’s no fun for me and it’s dishonest to him. Same goes for bars- I’m not a fan of drinking; I did plenty of that nonsense in college.

royalty-free-black-and-white-retro-vector-clip-art-of-a-woman-reading-book-while-sitting-in-a-chair-by-bestvector-2061My hobbies are mostly solo actives and the likelihood of a guy enjoying them would suggest his sexual preferences to be the opposite of heterosexual. Reading, writing, photography, crafts, scrap-booking, antiquing, shopping, watching movies, hanging out with my sorority sisters or my parents. Where in that list do you see the likelihood of my bumping into my Mr.?  Yeah, me either.

My least favorite suggestion to help with this ridiculous situation? Online dating. I tried it for one day it was a “free trial” to which they promptly charged me $80 for and I talked to one guy; who at the end of the conversation when I said its late I’ll talk to you tomorrow: he totally flew off the handle! Accusing me of being a “tramp tease” who was “a waste of his time”. Apparently it’s not acceptable to end a conversation so you can get to bed at a decent time to get up for work the next morning. Not doing that again, period. I was hesitant of the idea before the severely socially insecure and rude jack a**.

My mom has said on more than one occasion if I just attended church that I would meet someone there. Well that’s fine and dandy except (wait for the entirely inappropriate statement I’m about to make) I hate church. It makes me uncomfortable and I think its two things: pointless and a conscious cushion. I think it’s pointless because IF there is a divine creator he knows I’m a good person and my attendance isn’t going to hurt me. And it’s a conscious cushion for those religious fanatics to behave badly all in the name of God. It’s like some of these people think they can do and say anything they want and its totally acceptable as long as their butt is sitting in a pew on Sunday morning. Yeah I’m staying out of the hypocrisy.

So now here I am 25, living at home, working full time, enjoying my secluded activities of choice and single. Very, very single. I’ve asked everyone I can think of to set me up. It’s totally embarrassing to be like “hey I’m having trouble meeting guys…do you know anyone about my age who’s having the same issue?” And they never do. All of my friends are married, engaged, or in a serious relationship: that is true of anyone who lives in my county. You just don’t stay single in your mid and late twenties. You’re married with kids by the time you’re my age.

"Hey do you have any guys you could set me up with?"

“Hey do you have any guys you could set me up with?”



So if you’re single I would suggest you try some of the suggestions I refuse to utilize, they sound like they could produce a successful outcome; I’m just too suborn to bend to those suggestions. I’ll keep my head and my standards high thanks.


4 Responses to “Head & Standards High”

  1. learntounwind August 5, 2013 at 8:31 PM #

    Hey girl! I Hear you! Don’t settle, and follow your heart! 🙂

    • Elizabeth Coots August 5, 2013 at 9:35 PM #

      I found that moving out of state works. 😉

      • jamielynnneal August 5, 2013 at 10:20 PM #

        Haahahah that’s true! You did!!

    • jamielynnneal August 6, 2013 at 1:14 PM #


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