Bucket List 6 & 25: Young and Creepy

9 Aug

Date the younger guys…yeah who ever thought that was a good idea was wrong. Unless you’re in your 40’s and looking for a total hormone driven toy then don’t date younger guys. They’re ridiculous, full of themselves, only interested in sex and generally think they’re some kind of gift to all of woman kind. That or they’re so painfully socially awkward you have to take all control and no girl wants to do that on a full time biases.

Best Advice I can give a girl? Date someone your age or older. We are more mature, further along in our emotional development and often looking for more then they’re currently interested in. I have some pre-dating experience with younger guys; I can’t even tell you how much hair I lost trying to deal with their nonsense. Guys in their late teens to early twenties often also fall into “date the creeps category”, that’s not to say there isn’t the random out of the ordinary guy out there that is wonderful; I’m sure there is. But in general they’re to into them selves to be a good guy, and you’ll end up being that girl who helped him realize he was a jerk and then he’ll be a great guy for the next girl, the right girl.

Everyone should do something crazy and irresponsible at least once in their youth; that’s what makes for interesting stories when you’re rocking away on a porch arthritis ridden. By the time you’re my age, mid-twenties, you’re over the crazy flings and are now looking for someone who’s going to be a good husband an dad, no way do you want to spend forever with a self-absorbed party boy. I think that dating someone 5 (ish) years or so older is a sensible formula. They’re close enough to your age to have grown up in the same era as you did allowing for plenty of common interests but far enough older that they’re brain isn’t stuck on neutral, plus bonus they’re probably actually using their brain to think by the time they’re in their late 20’s to early 30’s.

Long story short: I’ve attempted relationships with younger guys; not going back there. Check.


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