Passion & Talent

19 Aug

As a journalist, one tends to think there’s nothing off limits.
-Peter Jennings

One of the things on my bucket list is to throw myself into a time consuming hobby; I’ve been thinking about what I would like to do or try and I think today the universe gave me the answer.

While I considered, and even applied…and also talked to the chief about it being a volunteer fire-person didn’t ultimately sound like a good idea. The training is expensive and I have no idea where I will be in a year or two and I wouldn’t want my little town to waste money. Also I don’t want to die…or be seriously injured.

I also considered shooting as a sport, not animals but paper targets. Secret shoppers, Mary Kay consultant, Origami Owl designer…all better ideas that involved another pay check. But those don’t excite me, they sound boring and like work. I already have a job I suppose to be looking for a hobby.

So today my mom texted me to let me know that the newspaper I did my internship at had some exciting news. The editor, whom I did not care for in the slightest, is no longer the editor. I was over the moon excited. I considered freelancing at this paper again as soon as I graduated college with my bachelors in journalism but I decided against it because I wasn’t comfortable with her ethical decisions on what was newsworthy and who to include in stories.

I love to write it’s an amazing expression of self and makes me feel like I’ve contributed and will be a part of history; years from now when I am long gone I will always have a “By: Line” and that is pretty cool; my name, thoughts, ideas, and view point will be forever ingrained in history.

So when I saw that my only obstacle back into the world I love was removed I called the office, had to leave a message of course but I’ll try back tomorrow. I told them who I was, when I wrote for them before, and that I currently have a full-time job and would be interested in night and weekend freelancing. I hope to goodness they need people. I have been using this blog to feel more connected and quite frankly intelligent; my brain may die a slow painful death amongst the corn fields and cattle. This is where my talent is, my heart, and my soul: writing and photography.

Hopefully this opportunity will bring me back to more of who I really am and check off my “immerse yourself in a hobby” bucket list item.


2 Responses to “Passion & Talent”

  1. Story of Writing August 20, 2013 at 3:15 AM #

    Hobbies are great. Writing Hobbies, even better. 😀 Hope this works out for you. Freelancing for a newspaper, always very cool.

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