35. Donate clothes you no longer use

26 Aug

Some of the Items I donated

This bucket list item is good for everyone involved; I get my mountain of belongings reduced a little bit, I’m doing the environment a favor and not adding to the local landfill, and most importantly I provided someone less fortunate with nice blue jeans, shoes, tops, bags, household items like frames and mugs. Win, Win, Win.

When I graduated college all of my stuff got crammed into plastic containers and forgotten about for over a year and finally as my new room was nearing completion I had to sit down and go through all of it getting rid of as much of it as I could. Let me tell you I own a lot of stuff. I have all of my childhood stuff in my room, favorite old toys, high school projects and photos, and then college. College is when I added the most. I led an entity separate life while I was away at school; you live the majority of four years there coming home for short holidays and the occasional weekend. So  you have to have everything you need with you.

Among the mound of college stuff I have a twin bedroom set, organizational devises, pots, pans, cups, mugs, plates, bowls, cutlery sets…. Also while at school I had an entirely different wardrobe requirement including formal dance clothes, Halloween costumes, classic blue jeans and hoodies, massive winter wear stockpile since I walked everywhere, tons of business formal clothes because of my Sorority membership; we were required to dress in business clothing every Monday also known as “pin wear”. I loved it I got to wear cute shoes, of which I also own a ton, and it set my week off on the right foot. If you can drag yourself out of bed on Monday morning and not look like a homeless person then the rest of your week you felt productive. I never once missed a Monday; not once.

Then there were the numerous sorority items to go through. My chapter closed the day I graduated for membership issues (a topic I am not yet ready to discuss in any detail) because of this I ended up in possession of chapter items that I never thought I would. I have a massive plastic bucket of shirts that I intend on making into a shirt quilt, I bought wooden letters for our door along with other decorative items that should of stayed at school when I graduated but couldn’t, so those items had to be packed away. If and when my chapter is ever reopened I’ll be taking them back.

fan+electric+vintage+image+graphicsfairy004Even now that I am moved into my new room I have several, I mean several, buckets full and stacked in a spare room. When I have my own apartment and I have a kitchen for all the kitchen stuff and my own bathroom along with a living room; what seems like a ton of stuff now will be spread out and be much more manageable.

Returning to the bucket list item completion record at hand; I ended up donating three boxes, a laundry basket and a trash

bag full of items for the local Salvation Army. The back of my car looked like I was moving back to school. Like a total dork I forgot to get a photo of the back of my car all loaded down but I did snap a quick picture of the donation table that I sat the things on.

I feel really good about donating some of my things, it’s always nice to slim down and de-clutter and it’s even better to know you were able to help someone else.

I highly recommend this particular bucket list item.

So this sounds like a good idea right? It is. Don’t know where to start? Sounds too overwhelming? Well it is…but it’s worth it when you’re finished. i would recommend the following to help:

  1. Set up in the living-room and turn on music, not a TV show; you’ll end up sitting still and watching TV and not working.
  2. If you absolutely have to have the TV on work on commercials.
  3. Reward yourself; for every bag of items you let go over give yourself a wine cooler or hunk of chocolate.
  4. Warn everyone in your life you’re about to have a mess; everywhere.
  5. Set a deadline for yourself and stick to it.
  6. Once you decide to donate and item bag it so you can’t see it and talk yourself out of getting rid of it.
  7. Once you have a full bag put it in your car, again so you don’t talk yourself out of it and so it doesn’t sit around your house for months.
  8. If you cant remember the last time you used said item up for donation just get rid of it. You don’t need the clutter.
  9. Remember you’re helping yourself! The less  you have in your house/apartment the less likely you’ll start a fire or end up on that TLC show buried alive.
  10. The items don’t define you, the memories do, if  you have to re purpose the items so they don’t just sit around collecting dust (like my t-shirt quilt) do it!

Good Luck!


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