You’re never more alive then when you’re scared half to death

28 Aug

My poor Blazer and of course the hospital bands

Yesterday morning on my way to work I encountered a whole new side of myself and proof that I have a guardian angel looking out for me.

Driving along on an average day, wearing average clothes, in an average mood, and minding my own business; I wasn’t speeding, running late, or irritated. I see a garbage truck off the side of the road with all the flashers on, I had a broken yellow line and no one was coming so I put on my blinker and went into the left lane and began to pass the truck. This is when my average day came to a screeching halt.

All of the sudden the truck was swerving into the left lane that I was currently occupying. I had a total gut reaction I swerved further left into some grass to avoid letting him side swipe me- I don’t remember this but judging by my skid marks, I was headed for a gutter/ditch and swerved my car to the right. I was driving a 1997 Chevy Blazer, they’re top heavy and I’m sure I over corrected in the moment of “oh god he’s going to hit me” and I slammed my car into mailboxes and a wooden fence. Ultimately rolling my car over onto its side as I went.

It took my brain several seconds to catch up to what had just happened; realizing I was dangling in a seat-belt in a running car with a full tank of gas I immediately said to myself how do I get out of this car alive? Turn off the engine, check. Now the seat belt…it’s like I was sitting in a ride at an amusement park belted in so tight and at a weird angle so you can barely move. I had a knife in the car I could of used to cut the belt but I totally forgot I had it so I pulled my legs up and out from under the dash and steering wheel and used them to push my body up off the seat belt so I could get to the button to unlock it. As soon as I got out of the belt I fell on to the grass since the passenger side window had been busted out.

Standing in the car you’ve loved for years, the car that took you to every happy memory, the car that encompasses freedom and independence, a car that showed you nothing but love is now a mangled frightening box that I wasn’t sure how to get out of.

My car is only a two door….one I was standing on and the other was up in the air; no way I can push it open and not have it slam back shut. So I turned the battery on and rolled the window down; looking out the window I saw no one coming. The garbage truck guys were still in their truck and clearly had no intention of helping me. “Okay Jamie, you’re on your own…get out of this car. What’s next?” I found my cell phone and called 911, they said people were on their way, I asked if I could hang up and call my parents. Still standing trapped in my car I wasn’t crying or panicking, so unlike me. I called my mom, I don’t remember what I said to her but she told me later I was calm and said I just rolled my car I need you to come I’m just past the truck patch farm. Hung up and got back to trying to get myself out of the car.

By this point it’s been several very long minutes but the family who owned the farm where there now asking if I had anyone else in the car which I didn’t, if I was okay, and I seemed to be. The only way left out of the car was the back hatch which was jammed shut. The nice fatherly man was talking to me telling me I was okay and held a blanket while someone else busted out the back window. Since my car was laying on a hill every time I moved it teetered. A couple guys held the car steady while I walked over and around my seats to the back window then climbed out.

One of the guys I work with usually fallows me to work and was the one who busted the back window open. I am so glad he was there it was definitely nice to see someone familiar. He is totally getting cookies.

I ended up in the ER having my neck X-rayed it still hurts like hell but its not broken. I have been dizzy, sick to my stomach with aches all over. Its so crazy to think that my average Tuesday took such a crazy turn. I’ve spent a lot of time already fretting over what could of happened but the accident wasn’t my fault. I’ll have an opportunity to buy a nicer car, I’m pretty convinced I had someone looking out for me (my mom thinks its her mom) there is no way I could of walked away from that situation without a scratch or a broken bone without someone protecting me.

Unloading my car at the tow companies place was pretty eye opening. All but 2 windows were shattered the front and the drivers window. My seat was broken from slamming back into it so hard, the car’s hood, back, and right side completely crushed in and not one scratch on me. Yeah I feel like total crap but I cant get over how lucky I am. You should always wear your seat-belt, ALWAYS.


Seat-Belts Save Lives

You’re never more alive then when you’re scared half to death; I am a total spaz in my everyday average life, and anyone who has read my blog or knows me personally would agree to that. So to be in a situation where a million things could of gone wrong and I could of been seriously injured but, wasn’t,, and  I think just as important I was able to see myself keep a cool head, face a problem head on and come out the other side unscathed. I have this image of myself as someone who doesn’t handle stress or bad situations very well and I’ve clearly never been good at relationships (hence this blog). But seeing myself as someone who can take a predicament make good decisions and be okay is priceless. I’m so glad i’m not hurt and that no one else was hurt; including the cows whose field I commandeered.

I looked at fear and accepted the challenge. I think I grew up a little bit more that day.



2 Responses to “You’re never more alive then when you’re scared half to death”

  1. danielleslone August 29, 2013 at 12:03 AM #

    It always amazes me when I come across people who have sort of this “experience” after they’ve been in a crash, medical emergency, whatever. When they start to put the pieces together of what happened and they understand that someone was indeed looking out for them. The important thing is that you are ok, but it’s also important to note that miracles do happen everyday! I pity those who do not understand things like this. Very insightful post Jamie!


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