Journalist Turned Blogger

30 Aug

stock-photo-9359314-vintage-clip-art-and-illustrations-antique-typing-machineBlogger” sounds like such a dirty word. I’m a journalist; a once respected and trusted source of information and keeper of human history. But as journalists take a nose dive in credibility and popularity; especially in my chosen medium of print journalism, the blogger seems to be rising at an alarming rate.

As my beloved newspaper dies a slow shameful death the average Joe now records our history and breaks news. The once eloquent and meticulously chosen combination of words is replaced by a fleeting thought; a poorly constructed thought that the so called “writer” views as gold.

In today’s world every voice is expressed openly and without consideration to the effects and repercussions. What the journalist locked away in ink the blogger sends into an ether of code. And here I am a journalist, degree and published works to prove it and I’m reduced to blogging. A Hail Mary attempt to cling to my college education while my true passion crumbles under embarrassment and fraudulence.

I just started to accept the idea and function of the blog in the last several months as it became clear, working in a business setting, that working at a newspaper was slim. It’s my way of using my expensive skills and contributing thought provoking topics that I do spend quite a bit of time constructing, just like a would for a printed piece.

I view my blog as a column “a day in the life of a single woman”, I love when I know someone has enjoy the piece but my purpose was never to be popular. But attempt to record my part in human history and a way to hold myself accountable for my sometimes boring life.

Long Live The Newspaper 


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