The Sitcom

3 Sep

Ah the sitcom (Situation Comedy); its quickly moved into one of my favorite genres to watch. Its light hearted, funny, and honestly the world is dark enough without choosing to watch dark, depressing, worse examples of human nature for entertainment purposes.

200px-TBBT_logo.svgThe Big Bang Theory is a major front runner, The guys are intelligent, hilarious, and frankly naive. But they’re loyal, loving, protective friends. They’ve extended the dorm room experience by living together/near each-other. I envy the fun they’re constantly having because my friends have (for the most part) moved very far away. If i’m having a bad day, a couple episodes of TBBT cheers me right now. Now I’ll be honest; I don’t have an interest in 99% of their SiFi nerdy hobbies…even spelling SyFy that way makes me remember Lenard criticizing the network changing the spelling from Sci Fi to SyFy. They’ve opened my eyes to possibilities I would of previously ignored.

For example; one of Sheldon‘s favorite shoes was Firefly, I happened to stumble across it on Netflix so my dad and I watched every episode and then the movie. Seriously I agree with Sheldon; that show should not have been canceled! See what I mean? The changes of me watching that show on my own before TBBT were slim, very slim.

images (4)How I Met Your Mother is right up there with TBBT. This show I would watch when I couldn’t find anything else. But it has lodged itself firmly into my free-time slots. I have 20 minutes before I have to leave the house? Perfect! Just enough time for an episode! Now my reasons for becoming attached to this show are pretty simple. I can identify more easy with the characters now as a post-grad trying to find my way, and hang onto my college friendships even though the dynamics have changed.  I can definitely relate to Ted; his closest friends are in relationships and he still hasn’t found his, and wanting things to stay just how they are on one hand but really excited for them to change on the other. It’s a very confusing place to be.

All of the post-grad quarter-life-crisis themes are slightly masked by hilarious characters, but the plot of the show is the journey you take with your friends and how those relationships have to change but don’t go away, the journey you take with yourself to grow up and the journey your life takes as it moves towards the next chapter. And this goes for both TBBT and HIMYM.

Criticize the Sitcom if you must but if you truly give them a chance chances are you will find something to enjoy; be that solely in the humor and feel-good mood you leave with after watching, or you relate to the theme and message and in that case you feel like “hey I can handle this”. I often find myself tweeting quotes from the show (twitter feed to the right) because they’re so honest, relatable and make me stop and evaluate either the way I’m viewing something or reacting to it.

By far the most hit you over the head because you “should of had a V8” moment is the video clip posted below. It’s so hard to just let go and trust that eventually you’ll find someone, and eventually you won’t be “alone”. The motivation behind this blog was to keep me distracted and busy while I was waiting for “him”. This clip from How I Met Your Mother is so simple and so dead on I can honestly say I know I’m moving as fast as I can to get there so he probably is too.



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