Tips on how to be a better Co-worker

10 Sep

GO-167-6 As a post grad and working full time in a professional environment it can be completely different than you expect it to be. People are just people after all. So do what you can to be a better Co-Worker

The Do‘s and Don’ts of Debate; These suggestions will make you a better person to work with:

  • Don’t be wishy-washy. Do uphold your morals and values.
  • Don’t be arrogant. Do be self-confident.
  • Don’t be unreachable. Do be willing to compromise.
  • Don’t let anyone get under your skin. Do recognize cheap shots for what they are – an attempt to get you to sink to their level.

I would recommend reading the whole article but the outline to go off of:

Dealing with Difficult Co-workers:

  • Tip #1: Be Prepared for ConflictPlay it out in your head before a situation ever arises so you can react with grace and not anger.
  • Tip #2: Don’t Fuel the Fire: The second you come back at them with anything like what they are dishing out to you they’re going to step up their game: making the situation worse.
  • Tip #3: Lend a Helping Hand: Maybe they have stuff going on in they’re personal life you don’t know about; it’s not at all an excuse for they’re behavior but trying to reach out to them as a friend could help them out and therefore defuse the cold war they have set in motion.
  • Tip #4: Get a Third Party InvolvedYou don’t ever want to look like the bad guy, so if you ask your boss for help in resolving the issue or diffusing the situation or clearly defining roles so you aren’t stepping on each others toes then you’ll look adult, responsible and like you truly care about your job.
  • Tip #5: Move On: And here is where the advice can be most difficult: If all else fails “there’s no point in giving someone the power to determine whether you’re going to have a good or a bad day at work”; MOVE ON and let it go.
  • My Tip #6: This isn’t in the article but I thought I would add it: Ask Your self what you are doing to contribute to the problem, there is always two sides to every issue. Maybe you don’t realize you’re being a jerk. 
  • My Tip #7: No Social Media: Even if you’re not Facebook or Twitter (or whatever else) friends with anyone you work with don’t air your frustrations online, you may think it is a safe space to vent; but its not. Scream, cry, eat your feelings all you want at home or with your friends, just not online; you never know who could see it.

I really hope you’re never in a locked horns situation but lets be real. There will always be the chance that someone is out for blood and headed your way. The only thing you can control is how you behave and how you react. This literally could be the difference between your reputation being  respectful and responsible or childish. Your reputation taking a hit could be the best outcome. If you don’t handle yourself well the worse outcome of handling a difficult Co-Worker  is YOU could end up the one fired. It’s not fair but it’s reality, don’t give anyone a reason to doubt you.


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