A Photographer

12 Sep

vintage-camera-clip-art_1I’ve asked myself this question a couple times…what makes you a “professional” photographer? Traditional in classroom training? Using it as a full time job? Getting paid to do it? Having your artwork published?

Well, I’ve never had in classroom training but I did take photography as a book project while I was in 4-H, does that count? I got an outstanding and then 2nd place on one of the photographs I submitted in the open class category.

I definitely don’t use photography to pay the bills but I do get paid; it just something I love to do. I’ve done three weddings, two baby photo-shoots, maternity photos, senior pictures for two people and lots for three different news papers.

I worked at the campus news paper while at Ashland, The Budget in Sugarcreek as a freelancer, and then The Bargain Hunter in Millersburg for my internship to graduate. I loved writing for all three, interacting with the community and taking photos of everyday life. So yes I do have many photos published.

So maybe I’m not a professional but it’s something I think I am good at and something that I love to do so I’m not so worried about what category I fall under.

These are a couple of my favorites:

35159_813187493814_4473289_n 36749_812159588744_2185068_n 37009_813186800204_5620057_n 37463_812158131664_1807241_n 65523_10101335813051964_414813307_n 296223_10101555145148684_406247907_n 483996_10101434728180254_63401494_n 5319_10101434738210154_841286052_n485578_10101555145707564_1276779948_n 526557_10101335830746504_1607452644_n 528767_10100969470774824_980473106_n 536766_10100969514587024_496808651_n 558391_10100969490615064_1862514334_n 561192_10100969446363744_1711068278_n 603074_10101551566156014_1824956650_n 862213_10101428753623314_1313960303_n 907394_10101434827331554_37638178_n 908828_10101428499053474_1434668634_n 954668_10101555142558874_836870599_n 970650_10101551552727924_1730986495_n 975093_10101555560531254_2119237567_n 975303_10101555218671344_1123494273_n 975497_10101551680282304_1708428843_n 1011809_10101588594520874_519857021_n


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