It’s more then just a “Vehicle”

17 Sep

vintage-car-free-clip-art-1Buying a car is a big deal for anyone and I think this comes from our history as a county. A vehicle is an American symbol of freedom and expression. There are few things as exhilarating as driving anywhere you want whenever you want, the destination is reached by you and your machine, control over your life even in this small form is what makes the vehicle such an American experience. We invented it, we perfected it, we identify with it. A vehicle is who we are as a nation its progress, freedom, expression, joy, life and livelihood.

Like most American teens my parents chose and bought my first car; so the Jeep, my current new to me new car, I paid for. I went to the bank and took money from my account and paid for the car of my choosing. It’s a very accomplished adult feeling to know you needed something and because you worked hard you had the money to buy it for yourself.

There is a lot you need to know and need to do to make a good decision when buying a car and I hope I can offer my experience to aid in yours.

It’s all about the money:

1) You cant get a car loan for a car that is older then 7 years old

2) It wont help you to get a car loan and pay it off right away, its better to make the payments for 6 months to a year

3) Use a cashiers check not cash; it protects you and gives you proof of the transaction

4) Even if you can afford a car payment on a really new or brand new car DON’T. If like me you have student loans coming out of your ears you would be much better off buying a car outright so you don’t have to worry about the payments.

Buying a used car outright is what I decided to do so I don’t have to worry about a payment. Used cars make a lot of people nervous “you’re buying someone else’s problem”. While that may be true; you’re buying a man made machine…everything no matter the age is going to eventually break, so would you rather fix something you own or fix something you’re making payments on?

What to look for:

1) If you can, buy a used car from someone you trust they’ll be honest about what is wrong with the car. I live in a small town and my family buys our vehicles from the same guy every time. He has a small lot and is very upfront about all aspects of the vehicle and he’s not a “salesmen” no push, hovering, stretching of the truth with this guy.

2) Look under the car for rust. Living in Ohio cars will all eventually suffer the burgundy orange fate known as rust. It’s just common here. But rusty cars make maintenance extremely difficult. Even if you don’t have anyone working on your car at home taking a rust bucket to a garage will cost you more in labor when they spend hours trying to get rusted parts apart. My dad works on all our cars and my last one was a total rust bucket, a beloved rust bucket, but a rust bucket none the less. So that’s the first thing he did when we were looking at my new car, he got under the car to make sure it wasn’t already rusting away; which it isn’t.

3) If someone took the time to keep the inside looking nice chances are they also took the time to have regular maintenance done to the car- so if it’s totally trashed…think twice.

4) Check the oil dip stick, even girls who know nothing about cars can do this. If the oil is very, very black or very low and smells burned the previous owners didn’t do regular maintenance on something as simple and inexpensive as oil you can bet they neglected the car in other areas as well. This goes for any of the fluids just do a quick check.

Now It’s yours:

1) Now that you own it change the oil, air filter…check the tire pressure or replace the tires, check the wiper blades and replace if needed. Just check all the simple easy fixes. I even took my car to Wal-Mart and had the fuel injection system cleaned; it helps your car use fuel more efficiently therefore giving you better gas mileage.

2) Clean the inside! Even if it looks clean there were a lot of butt and who know what else sitting all over your new seats! I’m too cheap to get my car professionally detailed; but I did consider it for about a day before I decided to do it myself. I bought a can of resolve carpet cleaner and sprayed everything scrubbed and let it soak then all the upholstery and carpet smells clean and fresh.

3) I also bought a box of magic erasers they do an amazing job on the doors, steering wheel, dash….and even the outside. Seriously I used it to get white paint off the door handle.

4) WD40 will get the previous owners stickers off your windows

5) We own a headlight polishing kit, they’re not expensive. But really clean headlights look nicer and are safer because you have more light to see with at night.

Happily ever after:

So now you own a used car, you did your due dalliance with the condition of the car and Kelly Blue Book value when you bought it, you got it nice and clean, both in the engine and in the interior. Now you should do a gas mileage check. It’s always good to know how far you can go on a tank of gas and how much of a reserve your car has if you let it run down onto empty. I really hope you love your new car as much as I do! Living in Ohio I had a simple wish list

1) Little to no rust

2) 4 wheel drive

3) A working horn

4) 4 doors

And I’m happy to say I got everything I wanted. I think it’s safe to say I am now a “Jeep Girl” no not the “dirty girl Jeep girl” just a “Jeep Girl” I love the power my Liberty Sport has! Seriously I may or may not have already taken it “off roading” by driving it up and though our back pasture….if I did do that then I would say it drove like a dream! Once you own a vehicle with 4 wheel drive you’ll never go back to a wimpy 2 wheel drive again.bth_jeepgirl


Clean Clean Clean!


My “off roading” adventure


My Jeep is now complete with my letters!


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