Mostly Tricks Instead of Treats

20 Sep

As October looms near my spirits start to waver for several reasons. Number one being that summer is over making snow all the closer, number two: the month of October means people across the country decorate their homes with orange; extra yuck- I am not a fan. Number three: while we all break out our sweaters and people decorate their homes with orange they also bring out the scary and unsightly and coat their front lawns with it. Bringing me to the real root of my dislike of October my number four: ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween.

abc-family-13-nights-halloweenOh yeah I know, go ahead and laugh because I know it’s ridiculous too but I completely and with every cell in my body hate the 13 Nights of Halloween. Sure it’s on a family friendly channel meaning that the programming is, for the most part, family friendly. But this wimp can’t hack it. Halloween Town and its counterparts are fun kid movies, and that’s fine….but there is one movie in particular that I just can’t watch.

This movie is the reason I won’t even turn to the ABC Family channel during October. Now before I tell you the movie let me say one thing: I have no idea why I’m “scared” of this movie. I’m guessing I saw it as a kid and it scared me and now years later I’ve avoided it and built it up making it worse than it actually is. And trust me when I say everyone whom knows I have a grudge against this movie goes out of their way to trick me into watching it.

My family will see a commercial on, because it just HAS to be a part of the 13 Nights of Halloween advertisement, and they’ll call me into the room just to see me leave again. My friends like to send me links to why it’s an awesome movie, “funny” pictures from the movie with captions, “remember when” 90’s kids lists with that movie hidden half way down so you scroll to it unknowingly…the list goes on and you know who you are my “friendly” offenders. And I know all your tricks!

So this big deal even though it isn’t a big deal movie? Hocus Pocus.



Currently questioning why I chose to write about this.

Yeah, yeah, I know. “Shocking”, “It’s a Disney movie” I’ve heard it all people, I’ve heard it all.

What really bums me out is I LOVE Doo and in order to watch that I have to watch ABC Family which will be running their 13 Nights of Halloween add which ALWAYS includes Hocus Pocus, and I just looked up the line up; it’s on twice.

This movie may be a treat for you but it brings out lots of tricks directed at me, I may be a little salty but it’s all in good fun so long as everyone keep their tricks to the minimal I’ll be fine. But, if I walk into a room and you’re attempting to fly a vacuum; friendship over.


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