Over A Thousand Hits

24 Sep

downloadWhen I first started this blog it was just a way for me to push myself and to keep my writing skills fresh. You know what they say if you don’t use it you lose it? Well I think that is true of both youth and skills. I feel my age creeping upwards and I’m trying to pack it full of experiences and fun. So the best way I could think of to record my self-proclaimed journey and utilize my expensive bachelor’s degree skills was to blog, since a “diary” is about as boring as you can get.

And now here I am 6 months, 38 posts, 706 followers, 1,016 views and 24 counties later. I’ve crossed off 10 bucket list items, road tripped south with a friend, wrecked a car, moved on from a relationship, been nominated for two blogger awards, made a couple new friends, and started to accept the person that I am (started mind you not all the way there yet).

The first thousand completely unpredictable hits were pretty cool. I’m looking forward now to hitting 1,500 hits and 2,000 hits…and what may happen between now and then. What bucket list items will I cross off? What new experiences, friends, lessons will I learn? I’m hoping for all good things…or at least things that will lead to good things.

Thank you guys for reading my blog and getting A Single Girls Journey To A Life Of NO Regrets to its first thousand hits. 1334930279624949845Follow My Blog Bubble.svg.med


3 Responses to “Over A Thousand Hits”

  1. The Passion Hunt September 24, 2013 at 11:23 PM #

    So exciting! I’ve just started on her with similar dreams so it excites me so much to see what you’ve done? What have you found have been the most important parts of your journey?

    • jamielynnneal September 24, 2013 at 11:41 PM #

      Thanks! Well honestly I’m not sure….I just decided I was done being bummed out by where my life is right now so I made a list of things I thought would make it better and I’ve been trying to check experiences off that list.

      • The Passion Hunt September 25, 2013 at 4:48 AM #

        Awesome! And look what you created! So great to see. Will be following!

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