Stay In Touch With The People Who Matter To You

25 Sep

k10360045I stumbled across this really fantastic website it’s like a hub of amazing advice for women plus networking and mentoring opportunities, it’s pretty cool. Here is the link if you want to check it out:

Anyway I went ahead and created a profile while I was on the site because it gives you the option of archiving your favorite articles which I really love because there is nothing worse than referencing an interesting fact or view point and not being able to also show that person where you got the information from.

While I archived a great many articles, everything from the best ways to utilize your sorority membership as an alumnae to how to ask for a raise and get it. One thing that really stood out to me was ways to stay connected to your friends.

As a post grad your life goes from being totally lived in 5 mile radius; all your meals, shopping, friends, exercise, entertainment…etc. all located in one place. Then as a graduate, which in my case, being hundreds or more miles away from everyone I care about. I have a handful of friends and sorority sisters that I feel the closet too; the problem is these girls are in California, Arizona, Indiana, Florida and that’s not even everyone. The girls that are still in Ohio are at a minimum an hour away, more like two or three for others. So the days of walking to the bedroom next to mine or what a real pain to the building across campus, are over.

That’s not to say I don’t have friends in the town I live in, I do. The friends from high school are still here we just don’t have a lot in common anymore so finding activities everyone likes usually come down to dinner, better than nothing but still it gets “blah”.

I’ve been really focusing on keeping the relationships I have, especially with the out of state girls I feel very limited with options, the time difference makes holding live conversations cumbersome so we usually end up Facebook messaging over a couple of days. I don’t ever want to back and say “man I wish I would of worked harder to keep up with that friend. I hate that we drifted apart.”

So while on this Levo site I saw an article that listed suggestions on ways to keep in touch, many well most of which I’ve tried or am currently utilizing. I hope you find the suggestions useful in your friendships!woman286

1. Take 10 minutes to create a favorites list on your smartphone so that you’ve made the rest of the life hacks below easy for yourself. This is a really good idea, I definitely need to sit down with my phone an make this happen.

2. Choose one day a week (I personally do this on Sunday for the most part) and dedicate 30 minutes to texting your favorites a loving note or a friendly hello. While in theory this sounds like a good idea I feel like it could end up feeling like a chore…and you never want your friends to feel like you’re on their check list.

3. If something funny comes to mind about your best friend or you remember a special story about shopping for hats with your grandmother (maybe that’s just me), send them an email or call so they that know you’re thinking of them. I agree and I personally do this one all the time. I even take pictures of things that remind me of my friends and send it to them. This one time I was in Wal-Mart and saw a girl that look exactly like one of my friends so I hid behind an end cap and took a picture of this lady to send to my friend…creepy sure but we both got a good laugh out of her doppelganger.

4. Find out your closest friends’ busy season and drop off lunch one day. If you have friends that work in the fashion industry, bring them lunch (or have it delivered) today, trust me, they’ll appreciate it. fantastic idea. What I did was send a card to a couple of my friends when they got a new job along with something cute for their new desk since mailing lunch out of state would be…hmm…wait I could mail a can of soup…just kidding.

5. Make (or buy) chocolate chip cookies and drop them off to someone you care about. Yeah you don’t really want to eat anything I make I’m still attempting to master cooking…

6. Soup. Soup is the answer. Want friends to come over, but don’t have the time to make dinner? Prepare a great stew and just put it in the freezer for “unexpected” best friend visits. Pizza delivered in is the answer this girl isn’t going to subject anyone to her cooking. Plus I don’t really ever have anyone stop by I still live with my parents.

7. Next time you’re at a museum or gift store, buy some stamps and post cards and keep them in your desk drawer. During lunch, write a note and voila, pen pals for the win! I totally do this! I have a stack of cars in my desk that I send out every now and then to friends.

8. If your bestie lives across the country and scheduling a Skype date isn’t going so well—make her (or him) a video message and send it. My big did this for me she sent me a Taylor Swift card when I landed my current job and it had one of those little boxes you take a photo of and your phone takes you then to a video they made, I loved it!

9. Have a favorite activity that you never get to do, like aerial yoga? Call a buddy! Fun things are always better in pairs. This I am still trying to do…I’ve been wanting to canoe, laser tag, wine and painting classes, movie nights…anything but it’s hard to get everyone to find time.

10. Forward an article and add a little note (they make such a big difference)! I forward articles a lot, in fact I just did it yesterday with an article I found on Levo.

692499939_79104011. Scan an old picture and text it to them. Also did this already, I was cleaning out my old room in preparation to move into my new one (still working on getting my room all moved in so I can put up photos)and I came across a ton of pictures from elementary, middle and high school. I Facebook tagged all the girls and we all had fun commenting on it for a couple of days.

12. Order them a treat—receiving a present in the mail makes everyone smile. I do this with my big more than anyone. I’ll send her a crab cookie cutter because she lives in Florida and I decided if you live in Florida you need a crab cookie cutter. With my Indiana friend I sent her little gardening kits for her kids and my California friend just had a baby shower I couldn’t make so I sent her a basket filled with her favorite local foods and of course a baby gift.

13. Email them back, even if you say “I miss you! This week is super hectic, but I’m going to email you back this weekend.” That’s better than silence. I think this goes with texting too. I text a couple people every now and then just to reconnect and they never text me back. It actually hurts my feelings a little even though I know they’re busy.

14. Say thank you. If someone sends you a text, a gift, a treat, or even a virtual hug, let them know how much you appreciated it. This is just good manners you should always say thank you when someone does something nice for you.

15. When you see each other, put away your phone, keep your iPad in your purse, and enjoy finally being face-to-face. Good advice!


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