Some Of My Favorite Products

28 Sep

There are a LOT of products out there, a LOT and being in your twenties, heck at any age with the economy as it is, buying new things is always a risk…will I like it? Will it work? So I thought I would offer up a couple of my favorite new products.


To start with: beauty! My favorite face wash is Neutrogena Naturals its really  gentle which is great and bonus it comes in a bottle made from recycled material. Nivea Happiness body wash it smells amazing and creates amazing soft suds; super relaxing. My favorite shampoo right now is Pantene Expert Keratin Repair, my hair looked amazing after just two uses; shinny and soft! I bought the little starter set because it’s a little pricey but it actually repairs your hair so its well worth it. And finally the Malibu Hard Water packet, strips all the rust out of your hair, including all the oils so you have deep condition after you use it but it really makes your hair feel fantastic for weeks.


Now toothpaste is tricky, it may say “whitening” but the last two brands, heck the last SEVERAL brands have all been total joke, I’d go so far as to say my teeth

looked worse using them then better. Now this little duo is WONDERFUL: Rembrandt Deeply White both my mom and used it once and noticed a difference, and now a week later WoWnEsS. Also, not that it affects the product in any way, the packaging in super cute.


These next two products I’ve been using a lot lately. Magic Erasers I used to clean my new to me new car, I then proceeded to clean everything else that stood still long enough because it was, no judging, fun. Seriously this little baby got white pant off my car where he previous owners had hit something, i suspect a fence. Now this purple jug of Super Clean truly beyond incredible, we just call it the purple stuff in my house, and I kid you not it gets ANYTHING out of clothes. We bought it back in the automotive department at Wal-Mart, it comes in little spray bottles but we buy the gallons now. My dad gets engine grease on all his clothes, washes out, grass stains, food stains, and the most impressive; I have this really beautiful pink sweater that was my moms in the late 70’s early 80’s I think and then my older sister wore it and now its mine, it had this little caramel colored stain right in the v-neck, I’m assuming this stain is years old and dozes of washes set in…the purple stuff got it out!! Impressive right?


These next two items were a surprising #win if you’ll allow me to utilize a hash-tag to emphasize my point. Jergens All Purpose Face Cream is a little old school but sometimes old school was a better way of doing something. It has a really soft smell that I love, its pink automatic win although not a deal breaker, and if you put it on really thick before you go to be you wake up with insanely soft fresh skin. Just don’t get it in your hair, makes your hair greasy looking. The glasses are from Zinni Optical which is a .com, you put in all your prescription information (I went to Wal-Mart for help when I didn’t understand how to get one of the measurements and they helped me for free) you can upload a picture of yourself so you can “try on” the glasses before you buy them. The coolest part about these? Complete with lenses and frames this pair was about $25. No joke. Never again will I pay $300 for glasses.


The next items are my favorite make-up basics: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, great color and you only have to put it on once to look cute all day. Revlon Lash Potion Grow Luscious, I am a big mascara fan I’m always looking for a new product to make my lashes look amazing and this product doesn’t disappoint. Covergirl BB Cream, just like with any BB cream its soft, creamy and smooths your completion. Finally Covergirl oil control pressed powder my basic go to if I don’t have time or interest in fussing with make-up that day so this just smooths out my completion so my skin looks more naturally pretty with-out a “make-up” appearance. If you love the little quatrefoil jar they’re in sorry! My big made it special for me in college its a one of a kind.


The four Bath And Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist are just a couple of the many scents of body spray and perfume that I own; I like to use something different every day depending on my outfit, weather, and my mood. These are my most used scents and I LOVE them all so delicious. I also have the car freshener clip from BBW on my visor and several of their candles, long story short I have never bought anything for BBW that I didn’t love.

Obviously I have a lot more things that I love using but these are just a few beauty products; beauty for yourself, your clothes, and your house. Keep an eye out for an extended list in the future.



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