2 Oct

So yesterday morning I woke up and my phone said it was Wednesday (I swear it), I distinctly remember thinking “oh yay the week is half over!” Then I get to work and am working on stuff like it is Wednesday when one of the ladies I was talking to was like “ummm it’s Tuesday…” Uh…what? No its Wednesday my phone said it was Wednesday this morning…sure enough it’s not Wednesday, but I was so certain!

Then later that day I get a company wide email about this fun tailgate carry in day later this month and I’m crazy excited; not because I care all that much about football but because I get to wear an Ashland University football jersey I have nowhere else to wear. Now yesterday I didn’t even register this but this morning I did; that email had a Happy Hump Day Camel and a link to the YouTube video to explain the hump day camel in case someone didn’t get it. She totally thought it was Wednesday too! It wasn’t just me!!

So now I’m wondering did we have some kind of crazy groundhogs day repeat?! I sound crazy, I’m also half kidding, but how strange is that?

In any case, “Happy Hump Day” TODAY 



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