Home Coming

11 Oct

11971482341984231343johnny_automatic_old_time_football_player.svg.hiI find it mildly amusing that the meaning “homecoming” has changed so drastically since high school. As a middle schooler “homecoming” was this exciting dance to look forward to where we could wear a beautiful dresses and dance with boys.

In high school it was this frustrating day where your friend bought the same dress as you and looks better in it, a day where you put your heal through your dress and now have a hole in it for the rest of the night, a night where only one guy asked you to dance and he’s the most awkward person on the planet. And a day that you learned never again to attend a “homecoming dance”. Even to this day the pictures make you cringe.

In college “homecoming” meant a ton of planning. As president of Homecoming Committee you spend a couple months planning, several days preparing final details and set up, and the day busy, busy, busy. You didn’t attend the dance because you learned your lesson in high school but the game was packed full and exciting, and included lots of free food and swag. A day also where as Alumnae Relations Chair you spent the days leading up to homecoming cleaning, baking, and decorating and the day of meeting new alum and hearing hilarious stories of their time as an undergrad. Even to this day the pictures make you smile.

images (1)

As a post graduate “homecoming” means something else entirely and now finally, it means what it was always meant to mean; Home Coming. College was your home for four years, four years that you took for granted and now you’re missing with all of  your heart. Homecoming now means a long drive, a reunion, enjoying the events you once planned, and seeing people you only see once a year.

My college homecoming is tomorrow and I am completely torn. I want to go and enjoy the last of our nice weather and see sisters that I won’t see again until this time next year, but it’s never the same going back. It’s wonderful to see everyone and be back where you have so many happy memories but it’s so hard knowing that part of your life is over; especially since our collegiate chapter was closed (low membership), and this year there is a new chapter in its place. It will definitely be hard but I know I’ll regret it if I don’t at least make an appearance.



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