Butterfly Effect

15 Oct

downloadI know I’ve gushed over Levo League at least once before in a blog post but my friends also get pretty regular emails “You have to read this!”

The current article I’m all worked up about is called Dear 20 Something Self  by Suzannah Scully. In general it’s an interesting piece and I’d say read it at any age. What’s had me thinking about it basically not stop for two days is the concept.

How much would you appreciate being able to write even just a paragraph to yourself ten years from now? That job you’re worried about taking? Do it you’ll never regret it. Afraid to move out on your own because it’s financially irresponsible? Don’t worry about it everything turns out fine. The guy you’ve waited your whole life for and who now you’re afraid you’ll never find? He’s better than you could possibly imagine and the wait was totally worth it.

Right now, those are just empty words; a guess, a hope. But to hear from yourself that everything ends up fine and everything was worth it, would be priceless. I know it’s not possible I’m not living in a great novel or in a Hollywood hit; I live in the real world. The real world where I make decisions every day that I have no idea how they’ll affect me in a week, a month, 5 years and that is pretty unnerving stuff.

Something as simple as passing a trash truck chucked my “plan” completely off course. My savings down several thousand dollars for a new car I wasn’t planning to have to replace for several years, a court date because the driver decided to contest the ticket he was issued and I’m a witness to his stupidity an now I get to give testimony for the state of Ohio verses idiot, and expensive trips to the chiropractor three times a week because my back an neck are still killing me. Such a simple act passing a stopped vehicle and your life is completely changed. But what if wrecking put me on a path to something better?

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependency on initial conditions in which a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. Sounds like a complicated, silly, scientific theory that isn’t anything special…but I would venture to agree with the principle.

What if, for the sake of an example a butterfly flaps its wings and turns ever so slightly and a bee moves to fly around it putting itself into the path of a person whom wouldn’t have been in its path the first time, the bee, protecting its self, stings the person. The person happens to be allergic an happened to forget their medicine and happens to end up in the hospital and happens to be the victim of malpractice and now is very rich and with their new wealth pays off debts and isn’t afraid to take a career risk they would have been afraid of before and because they now have plenty of money they put their kids in the best schools from preschool up and their child becomes a doctor and cures cancer?

Crazy right? Maybe not…think about something in your life, an event that literally changed the course of your life. What caused that event?

So yeah I may think about the small stuff way to much…but it’s the small stuff that builds and creates the big stuff everyone else wants to worry about. Is life in the details, or the big picture?images (1)


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