Update Your Surroundings

15 Oct

images (2)One thing about moving back home after college that is so hard is living in the bedroom you grew up in…being surrounded by your childhood toys, your unfortunate paint choice, and years of clutter. I have an unusual situation where once I moved home we had started to finish up an addition to our house; my new bedroom is in the addition.

I helped with every aspect of my utterly new bedroom. I helped build the block foundation wall, I helped build the walls, side the outside, insulate, stud walls, electric, water-line, drywall and its many steps, painting, sanding, trim and finally after weeeeeeeeeks of work I was able to start moving my belongings in.

Prior to my room being finished I went through all of my stuff, I separated clothes that I wanted to donate, toys, trash, I repacked all of my college stuff that I really don’t need until I have a place of my own; this includes dishes and pots and pans and wall art. It took me a whole week of going through everything at night after work but I got my whole life down to (I think) five or six buckets. That sounds like a lot I know, but at least half if not more of that is all things I’ll need when I have a place of my own. Only one or two buckets were childhood things I couldn’t part with.

After all my donated items were donated and all my save for later items were stored away I started to move in!

There are several cool things involved with being a part of every stage of a building project like this:

  1. I am learning and unreal amount of invaluable information. I can use all the power tools, except the tape measure that one still alludes me.
  2. I can help problem solve building configurations, which is a whole different world of thought process let me tell  you.
  3. I know where every stud wall, nail, seem, blob of glue is; in-case I ever need to know.
  4. Hanging out with my dad has been nice he’s an over the road truck driver an wasn’t around a ton when I was a kid.
  5. I’ll probably never have to hire someone to fix anything that goes wrong in my house; you know when I have my own.

Moving back home is hard for anyone who does it, you feel like a loser dork and a little bit of a failure; the whole point of a college degree was so you could take care of yourself an here you are back home with mom and dad unable to support yourself even though you’re working, all because your degree was so expensive.

So while yes it does suck to not be living like Friends or How I Met Your Mother or even The Big Bang Theory totally surrounded by your friends living in a cool apartment making money and having fun. I get it because I am certainly not living that way, at least take a little money and mostly time to spruce up your childhood bedroom. Repaint, pack away the toys, and get some new bedding so your room looks like an adult lives there. I promise it will help you feel more like an adult an less like a kid.


Just outside walls an a floor


Stud Walls frame in my new bedroom, and bathroom

My (nearly) finished bedroom! Still haven't really decorated and we haven't gotten carpet down yet.

My (nearly) finished bedroom! Still haven’t really decorated and we haven’t gotten carpet down yet.


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