The “Never Again”

25 Oct

I’ve said “never again” more than a couple times in my life. Never again will I lick a bowl of chocolate when it turns out to be unsweetened coco. Never again will I dunk into a plastic container assuming it’s mustard when is horseradish. Never again will I use a magic eraser to get sharpie off my neck- very stupid idea leaving me a fiberglass rash for weeks. I’ll never put dawn in the dishwasher again- even though it took 3 times for that one to really sink in. Never again will I pass a garbage truck. Never again will I second guess my instincts; every time I do I regret it, I tend to be right the first time.

“Never again” is, in general, reserved for events and experiences that turned out badly and the I’ll “never again” fall for, walk into, attempt, etc. again. But something I’ve come to realize is “never again” means a whole lot more.

Never again will I be a kid, be in high school, be in college, be a camp counselor, a 4Her, an astronomer-want-to-be, an athlete- let’s be real I never really was. Never again will I stay up for 26 hours; best night ever though.

hourglassI’ll never again be and experience a lot of things; good things that I miss, but memories will have to do. There will always be people you can’t trust and events you wish you could avoid but at the end of the day you’re smarter for it and hopefully can learn to embrace “never again” because it’s more powerful then you could possibly imagine.

Am I protecting myself by proclaiming never again? Or am I holding myself back for fear of failure or disappointment? Perhaps, but I think its more about realizing that many of your life events will eventually be filed as something you will never again do.



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