Dirty Word

26 Oct

Republican. It’s one of the dirties words in the United States right now. Republicans are taking the heat for the government shut down along with an intolerance for gay marriage among other things.

Although they’re responsible for their fair share of crazy what people forget is anyone in a position of power is responsible for their share of crazy, along with the good.

The system here may have issues but my view on the situation is our system is young we are still working on the process; the constitution was written just before a massive explosion of growth. Not only our country but the world changed drastically, and quickly, and has continued to do so.

20131029-195321.jpgWe have to work out a lot of details that were never even a thought in our founding fathers minds. But they left us a strong foundation that has done amazing things for the lives of our ancestors and for us. We have our problems, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

I don’t think any one political party is “to blame” for the problems we currently face. I blame power, greed, and back room deals to gain more for the individual instead of the whole.

Republicans aren’t bad people, and for that matter I don’t think Democrats are either. The problem is people starting with good intentions are ending with self preservation.


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