A Different Kind of Halloween

31 Oct

vintage-halloween-woman-mirror-pumpkinI’ve never been a fan of Halloween; I’m a total wimp and don’t enjoy anything scary, people don’t hand out the good candy, and for the entire month leading up to Halloween the country is covered in orange my least favorite color– and the 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC family which insist on playing my least favorite movie of all time; Horus Pocus.

But this year I learned of a Halloween tradition (check out the full story here) that I could appreciate and possibly even enjoy; heck I may even plan a Halloween party next year just to celebrate this new viewpoint on the holiday!

Halloween’s roots date back to the ancient Celtic festival of “Samahin”. Samahin was a celebration the half way mark between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. A time to take stock of the end of the harvest and ask for blessings for the coming “dark season”. Something I think Ohio residents can really relate to!

The Celtic people believed that spirits were able to move freely between our world and theirs on this day as well; which is where many of our popular traditions today come from. People would dress their children up as monsters to protect them from evil spirits. But when this first started good spirits were also believed to visit us, not just the bad. Good things including a “lover”; demonstrated in many Victorian postcards celebrating Halloween that sent well wishes and luck for the holiday.

So this year I’ll put myself in the mind set that Halloween is a time to be grateful for the year I had, prepare for the dark cold months of winter, and hope that a friendly spirit shows me my future husband in a mirror; okay, okay I know that one is ridiculous but its certainly better then blood, guts, and spooks!

mirrorjollypchalloween-39draft_lens18215433module162275514photo_1349611940a-a--antique postcard circa 1910s a lucky halloween cupid and black cats


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