Wake Me Up

10 Nov

0425Fear is such an unusual emotion. It affects our thoughts, our bodies, our actions…fear is perceived as a negative thing but I’m not so sure that it is.

Fear can protect you. We all have instincts to protect ourselves and that manifests itself as fear. We lock our cars our homes and we password protect our lives out of preservation…fear of the possibility of harm. But do we take the certainty of protection to far?

I really believe that you feel the most alive when you’re scare half to death. First day of school, first time you ride a bike, first time you drive a car, your first kiss, graduation, first day of your first adult job…your fearful of the possibilities but you keep moving forward anyway and that is life at the most beautiful.

The common notion is that youth is ignorant, they haven’t learned enough to understand the world, that they’re to wild and should learn to be cautions. Maybe its the youth that have it right and the wise that are too old to understand. Youth embrace life and walk through the fear more freely than an adult. I’m already feeling myself hesitate more with opportunities then I might of when I was younger.

Maybe we would all be a little bit better off enjoying life more and worrying less.


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