Legal Torture

11 Dec

20131210-193648.jpgI was born with three wisdom teeth, perhaps if it had been four I’d be a touch smarter; not that there actually is a correlation between intelligence and wisdom teeth. So this one tooth short of intelligent gal decided that she didn’t want to live with her teeth breaking back into her mouth a couple times a year, the headaches totally sucked. So sure the smart thing to do it to get them removed.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I like to save money, and I’m already making a bad decision by getting them removed so why not make one more and just get a numbing shot because it’s cheaper? Seriously, what was  I thinking? The shots totally hurt, and being awake while the several teeth short of intelligant oral surgeon forgot half the tools he needed and kept walking off! Sure leave me here with my mouth jacked open while you search for more tools of torture.

The crushing of bone and yanking was nearly unbearable; can I change my mind? Please? Took him forever to yank my top two oh so wise teeth out, the bottom one decided to be a wise-a** and put up a fight, no yanking twisting, pulling was bringing it out. Nope. so we drill the sucker into pieces! But apparently my teeth are like “concrete” and that took some time as well, not to mention then fishing for tinny little shards of teeth. The finally cherry? Stitches. Good times.

Now the real fun beings. Waiting in the Wal-Mart parking lot for an hour while my prescription was processed, choking up blood all the way home, our dog scared of me probably because of the blood, and then the merciful pain meds kick in. Ha. Yes, that will make everything better. Wrong, SO SO wrong. Dizzy, sick to my stomach and I mean literally. I puked for 2 days. I spent two week days and all weekend in the living-room in totally misery and back to work on Monday; still in a world of pain, my whole jaw hurts and even oddly my ear.

A full week goes by and I still feel like heck, no over the counter med is helping and I’m staying far away from the prescription. So now we are finishing up week two of utter pain…and I head back to the dentist to find out I have a dry socket. Whats that? If I understood correctly my exposed jaw bone is dry, it doesn’t like being dry apparently,  so the hole isn’t healing and is sending shards of pain up my teeth, jaw and into my ear. So the solution? to cram a swab into the hole and rub some brown stuff all over the bone. Pleasant, I know. That hurt like heck too. I should feel better right away though, right?

In theory. However I’m not so lucky though, my teeth, jaw and ear are still aching! Can’t a girl catch a break!?

This is why everyone hates the dentist.


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