The Party

22 Dec

jjjBeing single on New Year’s Eve isn’t fun, for anyone. Especially where I live an the only party options involve your all married/in a relationship family. So this year I’m trying something different.

I’m in the process of planning a last minute idea for a single girls New Year’s Eve party. Celebrate 2013 and welcome 2014 with food, drinks, crafts, stories, and laughs.

I’ve invited any of my girlfriends, mostly single, several not, that still live I the state and I’ll be honest it’s not many. So far, I haven’t gotten any RSVPs of  “yes” but I’m hopeful! And if all else fails I’ll have a kick butt party with my mom and our dog Maggie.

So here is what I was thinking:


  1. Ask everyone to dress to impress and go out to eat for dinner, show the world how fantastic we are and that single girls don’t just hide at home with a pint of ice-cream on New Years Eve…and yes I’ve done that before.
  2. After dinner head back to my adorably and festive decorate house where we will change into pj’s and a paint shirt so we can decorate a wine glass that I plan on purchasing for a dollar at the dollar store.
  3. After the wine glasses are done I thought it would be fun to make a list of 2015 goals- a little type A personality I know…
  4. I have several board game options depending on the interest of those whom attend.
  5. In general just watching New Years Eve in Times Square, talking and having a good time.
  6. I was also thinking of purchasing a tin at Wal-Mart or JoAnn Fabrics once they’re on sale after Christmas and spray paint them a pretty color with 2015 Dream Big” written on the tin and put a confetti popper in it, a pretty mini frame that we can write our 2015 goals on so we see it all year long, maybe some glow in the dark stuff…just really girly and

Well that’s what I was thinking,you can check out my Pinterest board of craft and decoration ideas here. I think it sounds like fun and I’m really hoping my single girls New Years Eve party doesn’t literally turn into a single girl party. Guess we’ll see!

Are you planning anything fun? Have you had a “Single Girl (or Guys) New Years Eve party before? Let me know!


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