19. Get Some New Hobbies

26 Dec


I finally am able to check another Bucket List item off the list. Number 19. Get Some New Hobbies. This was intended to force action in myself. A lot of my current hobbies are sitting at home reading, taking photos, scrap-booking, hand sewing, watching movies and television series. Pretty much solo and getting pretty boring.So I decided to add a few more interests…unfortunately they also fall under primarily solo actives.

Interesting enough my current hobbies are quite stereotypical “female” hobbies and the new ones I’m so excited about are stereotypical “male” hobbies, clearly I need to shake up my routine a bit; and honestly if you know me at all you’ll know I can make anything cute and girly.

The three activities I have chosen, while considered solo activities they will at least get me up and moving and outside; three really positive things as we head towards the start of a new year:

  1.  boxing
  2.  Archery
  3.  target shooting.

When I say boxing I don’t mean hitting other people, I mean punching a bag. Over the summer my mom found a heavy bag at a garage sale and then for Christmas I got a pair of pink boxing gloves! I think this will be a great outlet of frustration and a good way to get up and moving.


Archery was something that I learned in my middle school gym class, I was surprisingly half decent at it considering it falls under the ‘sports” category. It’s a lot easier to enjoy doing something when you’re good at it. Needless to say I also got this as a Christmas gift.

And finally on my list of new hobbies is target shooting. I’ve been asking for permission to have a gun for years, I’m an adult and I have my own money so I could of bought my own, but I live with my parents and it made my mom more than a little nervous so I wanted to wait until I had her “okay”. You guessed it, I got a gun for Christmas…well I got a pink Daisy. I’m pretty excited about it and the “bullets” are less expensive than real bullets and I’m cheap so this is a much more economical route to take. Plus I’m not ever, ever, ever intending to hunt. My interest is solely in paper targets pined to a hay bale.

Annie Oakley Gun Quote

So while these new hobbies are still semi solo activities they will at least get me out the house and even though we live in a modern age it will still be nice to have self reliance skills.


One Response to “19. Get Some New Hobbies”

  1. The Passion Hunt January 6, 2014 at 2:59 AM #

    That’s awesome! I look forward to hearing how they go!

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