24 Jan

pink-tilted-tiara-and-number-26-md I’m quickly approaching my birthday…well it’s not just my birthday it’s also Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Lewis Carroll, and my older sister Kelly. We were born on the same day 9 years apart, also weirdly enough we were also the same weight and length. So to retract, well really to amend my earlier statement my shared birthday is coming up.

Turning 25 last year was rough, like major identity crisis rough…half way to 50 rough. What have I done with my life so far and what am I going to do next rough. So this year should be better…I’m only a year closer to 50 after all…and sure between turning 25 and turning 26 I will not have achieved anything incredible or noteworthy…I didn’t discover any unknown species, I didn’t publish a great work of art….or anything cool like that.

14-1288885111-bg-pin-up-womenWhat I did do this year was pay for a new car with cash, finished a 5K….even if only barely, drove to Georgia, filed my taxes without help, unless you consider a computer program help then maybe not….

The older I get the more my age is becoming real…it’s not just a number anymore, so I am making a very intentional effort to remove the negative from my life and add more of the positive. For my 26th year I really want to just better and further myself. I want to have so much fun I need a day off just to be a slug, I want to laugh more, and do more, and see more, and give more.

I’m done, done, doneity done thinking there is something wrong with me for being single at “my age”. I’m done accepting mediocre situations and people. I don’t want to be nearly 27 and thinking man I wish I would of….so between 26 and gulp 27 I’m going to try new things and I’m going to within law and safety constrictions not say no to anything. There will be no panic attack over my age this year!


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