29 Jan


Birthdays should be acknowledged not because of the process you went through to get here but just to celebrate that you are here, you should do your best to say happy birthday to people on their day because you’re really saying I’m glad you exist and I appreciate your friendship. Even the most hardened sociopath wants to know that someone out there is glad that they exist.

Other than the unreal cold and snow that has prevented me from going out for my birthday this year, it has been pretty fantastic. I had so many “Happy Birthday” wishes through social media, texts, emails, snail mail and my personal favorite packages. My friends, parents, and sisters have really gone above and beyond in letting me know they’re glad I’m here; it can really go to a girls head! I’m feeling pretty special and extremely lucky.

We shouldn’t fret over the number and just view a birthday as a celebrate of your existence and not your age; and yes I’m guilty of this I’m totally freaked out over being twenty-six now so let me call the kettle black and just take my suggestion for just that, a suggestion.


One Response to “Birthday”

  1. The Passion Hunt February 3, 2014 at 3:56 PM #

    I love calling people and singing on their day! Fun family tradition. Brightens things up and adds a comedic slant! 🙂

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