31. Fire a Pistol/Shot Gun

18 Feb

c4be78b7e71966cabca5697c1bd9fab3 12 hours….that’s a really long class…but that’s what dad and I did on Sunday. We sat though a 12 hour course to get our certificate for conceal carry.

We were able to fire several different types of weapons and among the other positive aspects of today I also was able to check number 31 off of my bucket list!

Some states, Alaska for instance: once you turn 21 you automatically have the right to conceal carry. Georgia all you have to do is fill out an application. But if I’m being honest while 12 hours is excessive, it’s good to have all the safety information and target practice.

Fun fact? Every adult citizen in the United States of America has the right to open carry. So while if you saw someone walking down the street with a gun on their hip you would probably freak out; as long as its totally visible they have the legal right to do so.

The laws, and risks involved with conceal carry are extensive but our instructor put it this way: you have the same legal responsibility and risk driving a car and you’re allowed to do that at 16…. Interesting thought but still what if you were faced with a situation where you had to choose between protecting yourself and shooting someone and the lawsuit that is likely to follow that or allowing yourself to come to bodily harm? Its amazing the laws we have in place to protect the bad guys in this country…but that’s part of being free you have to protect the innocent even if that means allowing the guilty to get away.

And to be honest I don’t have the intention of carrying a concealed gun. I never did. My intention was to add my social security number, my person, my gender to the report that our president will be handed showing that the citizens of this great country will not tolerate having rights chipped away.

This is unsettling to me.

This is a thought provoking issue but let me leave you with three things:

  1. Would you rather have people who have had some form of safety training and definitely a background check carrying a weapon verses someone who bought their gun off a back street?
  2. The more you outlaw something the more people will want it: banned books, prohibition, weed, underage drinking etc.
  3. “I would rather be judged by 12 of my peers then be carried by 6”

Dad and I; totally frozen!



Who’s idea was it to do this in the middle of the winter? oh yeah…mine.


2 Responses to “31. Fire a Pistol/Shot Gun”

  1. 3boxesofbs February 18, 2014 at 2:49 AM #

    Congrats on taking the concealed carry class. I urge everyone to learn about the idea, study the legal,moral and ethical implications and then make a decision about how or if they want to use firearms to protect themselves.

    I agree with your instructor — life and death decisions / responsibilities aren’t anything new to people. Think of the number of ‘unlicensed’ cooks we have in the country; an activity we encourage even the youngest teens to do. Plenty of chances to kill someone in that every day activity.

    Every adult citizen in the United States of America has the right to open carry.
    While I agree with your statement; 6 states in the country currently prohibit Open Carry completely. Several others (Tennessee for example) have a Carry permit; one that allows Open or Concealed Carry.

    And to be honest I don’t have the intention of carrying a concealed gun. I never did.My intention was to add my social security number, my person, my gender to the report that our president will be handed showing that the citizens of this great country will not tolerate having rights chipped away

    Excellent attitude !

    Regarding your thought provoking questions

    #1 — We already have both. Every year thousands of people illegally carrying firearms are arrested. Unfortunately few of these charges ever lead to convictions prosecutors often drop them in the plea bargain process to secure easy convictions.

    I would ask — Do you only want those who have criminal intentions carrying on the streets?

    Training is great and highly recommended. Background checks are nice but don’t stop anyone. What matters is the ethical nature of the person carrying a firearm. I would rather have a person like you carrying without a license then a person out to rob, rape or murder someone.

    Bob S.
    3 Boxes of BS

    • jamielynnneal February 18, 2014 at 3:18 AM #

      Thank you for your feedback and thoughts, as well as your further information! It’s all greatly appriciated!

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