A Mere Seed

19 Mar


Do you ever find yourself in awe of civilization?

I was sitting on a plane last night with a computer in my hand looking down on the vast expanse of technology and electricity and I can’t help but wonder what the Wright brothers must think of this or Edison and Mauchly/Eckert, even Columbus.

It’s truly incredible what dreams can lead to, what hard work and dedication can give to the world.

That’s what I want more than anything is to leave something to the world, even if it’s just a starting place like these great men but look what a mere seed can lead to.


One Response to “A Mere Seed”

  1. The Passion Hunt March 21, 2014 at 8:31 PM #

    I often have that same feeling on airplanes too! It’s amazing to see everything from the air and you see the true immensity of the world!

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