I Skipped My First Marriage

30 Mar

8d53570b9ed9c2eeb68325345d61ac61It’s another snowy, windy, cold Sunday in nearly April. So here I sit curled up in a chair still wearing the yoga pants and university hoodie I slept in last night. I’ve peruse Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, and several of my favorite clothing haunts looking for an amazing dress to go with the heals I bought earlier this week for the quickly approaching wedding season.

I’m even looking into taking a couple of classes, Grant Writing and Photography; I need something new, new faces new hobbies new options. While looking for these new options I allowed myself to slide back into old habits…looking into single life. What other people in the same place as me think of being single, what science and psychology think of being single, you get the picture.

“I just skipped my first marriage.”

I found this on a random single life blog and I have to say it made part of me smile. The gal who wrote it was/is 37, which I have to admit if I am still single at 37 I may die because by that point I will absolutely be more of a third wheel than I am now and it sounds so lonely, more so than it is for me now at 26.  What I liked about that statement is that rather than marry young because its when you’re suppose to she waited, and I am sure waiting to marry until you’re older is very much like divorcing and falling in love again, just without the mess and hurt.

I think that if you marry young you’re not yet who you are going to be, I know I’m not,  I know for a fact that I am way different now then I was at 23, and I will be vastly different at 30 then I am at 26. I wouldn’t want to get married and risk changing and then no longer meshing with the person I married. So I plan on making her statement my own. Next time someone asks me why I’m single I’ll just tell them, I skipped my first marriage.


One Response to “I Skipped My First Marriage”

  1. achashipsumak March 30, 2014 at 7:12 PM #

    I do so much agree on the thing you wrote about changing.
    I believe that a person keeps changing her or his whole life, and that a partner doesn’t always changes with her/him. I believe that is why many relationships are always coming to an end. Which is not a bad thing per se.

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