Blast From The Past

4 Apr

Middle school and high school are, in my opinion, legal and forced torture. Everyone is awkward, scared, and mean… and your family incorrectly sooth’s the pain by informing you that it will get better when you graduate. But really those same bullies then grow up and stay bullies in real life. You’re better off telling your kids to find a way to deal with it because it never stops: bullies never change their stripes.

Several years back I walked past one of the guys who treated me like total garbage in high school; he used to call me shamu and offer me his lunch. Needless to say I stopped eating lunch. He really screwed with my self image. So there I am an adult confidence and self love finally found and I’m preparing myself to let him have it, really let him know he was a jerk when he just walked past me. He had literally no idea who I was, this person this crappy guy who made freshmen and sophomore year a living hell for me and I meant nothing to him, not enough to even stop an think “hey I went to high school with you right?”

You could of knocked me over with a feather. Needless to say I will NOT be attending a high school reunion EVER. The only people from high school I care about I make a point to keep in touch with, the others can all go fly a kite.

Now this evening I was helping out a friend of mine from high school, she was several years ahead of me then but we were in the same 4-H club so it wasn’t weird. Anyway my point is I had about a 10 year crush on her twin brother. I was closer to the age of his little sister so I’m sure he saw me as a little sister. Didn’t help I wasn’t capable of speech around him. I haven’t seen him in person in probably 10 years, I’ve seen his mom an sisters obviously but not him, not until tonight. And that stupid little girl was right back crushing on him. This time, thank goodness, I held an intelligent conversation.

Isn’t it funny the affect people from our past still have on us?



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