5 Year Anniversary

5 Apr

Phi_mu_crestFive years ago today I was initiated into Phi Mu Women’s Fraternity at Ashland University, the Delta Phi chapter. I am amazed at how quickly that five years went, how much I experienced, accomplished, learned, how many memories and friends I made.

Being Greek was (is) a blast, I wouldn’t have had half as much fun in college as I did if I weren’t Greek. Some of my favorite memories include Greek Week Lipsync, movie nights in the suite, the infamous rock war of 2010 with one of the fraternities; which my big and I won by the way! Semi formal, formal, philanthropy, social events, study sessions, classes overrun by half the chapter…

There were and are a lot of happy memories. There were also a lot of hard times. Spending a year driving back and forth from the hospital while one of our sisters, and my friends, liver shut down from a childhood illness, taking turns by the phone waiting….and then the phone call when we found out they found a match. Driving like mad to get to the hospital before visiting hours were over and all of us running for her floor. It was a beautiful thing to watch her recover.

I love being a Greek woman; there is nothing better. It’s an honor and a privilege and a great responsibility, one I to this day take seriously. Being able to intern on a national level and give back to the Greek Community as a whole was a high point for me, a low point would be loosing Delta Phi.

2478_610978532194_5404710_nI’ve mentioned it before but I never wanted to get into the details, I still carry some blame and shame for the closing of the Phi Mu chapter at Ashland University. I try not to think about it too much anymore but I know the sting will never quite go away. I failed my sisters, I was a senior and a leader when we were notified that that chapter would be closed for poor membership, we struggled with low membership from about the late 80s on. What could we have done better, more? I don’t have that answer, but I know we tried whole heartedly.

We officially closed on May 5, 2012 (graduation day).

That same summer we created the North Central Ohio Phi Mu Women’s Fraternity Alumnae Chapter, NCO. Our goal is to carry on the bond of sisterhood, continue to give to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, having fun and striving for noble womanhood.

What I’ve come to realize more fundamentally then I ever have before is sisterhood really isn’t for four years it’s for life. For life. It’s a great line, but being an alumna on the other side of a closing I’ve come to more fully appreciate what that truly means. Membership extends past your University, past your state, your coast…it’s all Phi Mu women all across the country for the rest of their lives.

It’s crazy to think after only five years I know this is something I will practice, preach, live and love for the rest of my life. I have no regrets.


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