15 Apr

Gibson Girl 2In the past week I have had two people apologize for past indiscretions between us. They were both widely unexpected but very much appreciated.

Being a post grad and suddenly in the real-dog-eat-dog-adult-world you’re more aware of the people in your life and in your past that were more valuable then you thought and that the disagreements were actually insignificant and petty.

In the first year after I graduated I did a lot of mending and repairing and now I know who my true friends are and that they can be trusted, just as they know the same of me. You can’t expect something, trust for instance, from others if you’re not willing to exemplify that trait in yourself first.

I think it takes a special person to own up to their part in a relationship as well as for them to accept personal shortcomings; I know it wasn’t easy for me. It is a cool thing; finally accepting who you are, making amends where needed, and moving on with positive people in your life.

Make the first move in an apology where you can, own up to your part in it and accept apologies with an open heart, grace, and love.


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