7 May

il_fullxfull.408775637_ihtr (2)It seems about every other day I write up a new post and I leave it sit for a little bit and then I start to hack it apart. I shorten it thinking short posts are more appealing to the masses. And then I start to tear apart the content so worried that what I say will offend or upset.

I stay completely away from my favorite tops like my thoughts and feelings on religion and politics. Isn’t freedom of speech protected in this country? Sure doesn’t feel like it.

Seems to me everyone walks on eggs shells anymore. Everyone gets offended by everything and then sues you or fires you or even kills you for your truth.

One truth so often overlooked is people want the dangerous the unattainable, that’s why we drive fast cars and go on quick fix diets to look like the airbrushed models in magazines. Clawing and climbing over our fellow people to get higher up in the world with no regard for the people we mark up along the way, the people we shove to the ground and stomp on.

But I don’t write about those truths that I observe. I hold my tongue, my pen, my keys. I keep it to myself… because the truest truth is no one really cares. They don’t want to see whats right in front of them; destruction. Destruction of land, air, water, corporations, cities, towns, states, counties, animals and humans alike. We all tear apart everything we touch, both the physical and emotional. We are a destructive race.

How much of our lives do we leave as a draft before we start to hack it apart?


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