Summer Bucket List 2014

13 May

Retro-Image-Summer-Beach-GraphicsFairyMy summer plans, for once, are quite fantastic. Part of my summer is being spent in Ohio and part will be spent in Florida, perhaps even Colorado and Indiana but those plans are pending.

As with any good bucket list it should be ever changing you should be crossing things off as you experience them and adding things to your list as you come across new things to try! I’m sure both our country and city list will have items added and it will most definitely have items crossed off.

My best friend is coming to Ohio for a wedding and is spending a week or so with me. During her stay in the Country I have a variety of activities planned.

The Country Summer Bucket List items are as follows:

  1. Target practice with a bow and arrow as well as a bee-bee gun.
  2. Canoeing; I found a place that offers midnight canoe tours.
  3. Hiking in a local nature preserve.
  4. Antiquing, need I say more?
  5. Making homemade root-beet and wine.
  6. Painting the living room

When she leaves Ohio I’m driving back to Florida with her and her husband. I’ll be in Florida for several weeks, so more time and being in the city we will have a wider variety of things to do.

The City Summer Bucket List items are as follows:

  1. Massive amounts of time soaking up the sun on the beach and swimming.
  2. Getting up close to animals at the local zoo, we even get to feed giraffes.
  3. Trying on $700 shoes at high end stores.
  4. Laser tag and possibly paint ball.
  5. Zip line…once I lose a little weight.
  6. Driving to Boca Raton for Phi Mu Convention.
  7. Harry Potter Party including themed food, drinks, and clothes then watching all 8 movies
  8. Harry Potter Land!!!



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