Ice-cream Truck

25 May

Vintage Ice Cream TruckNothing quite says stereotypical American suburban summer quite like the jolly tune of a slow moving, sugar-coma packed, ice-cream truck.

“Ice-cream like” treats date back to the 4th century B.C with early references from the Roman Emperor Nero and King Tang of Shang, China. Ice-cream was brought to Europe from China and from there eventually to the United States where George Washington and Thomas Jefferson served it to guests in 1700.

1343292473405989Ice itself was once considered very valuable and reserved for the elite only. In the 1800s, merchants started to invest in the frozen rivers and selling the ice to the people. Frozen treats were now more prevalent in parlors and tea gardens but still out of reach to the masses.

After the 1830s, immigrants to the United States, with limited job prospects, used their culinary talents to take treats to the masses with cold treasures in a cart frozen with the new access to ice.

Through the remainder of the 1800s and early 1900s, delicious new frozen concoctions were invented and enjoyed by all. 1920, after the invention of the automobile by Henry Ford, a man in Youngstown, Ohio decided to combine the two national trends and invested in 12 refrigerated trucks.

images (1)And so, by the hand of Harry Burt in small town Ohio, was born the ice-cream truck. Years brought more advances and variety to the treat, a treat on wheels,which after nearly 100 years still brings kids running.

My junior year of college an ice-cream truck made a pass by our dorm building and boy did we go flying after it, even faster than we did after the Red Bull car!

Today I heard the familiar tune of the ice-cream truck and not only did I hop out of my chair to see where the sweet ride was, so did my family. The ice-cream truck is a representation of youth, summer, a simple time before worries, and an ease.

I drove around straining my ears for the tune but I never did find the ice-cream truck…the ice-cream in our freezer doesn’t have the magic that the one from the truck have. I suppose half the fun and excitement is in the chase; if only the ice treats in the freezer would make a run for it and hum a little tune in the process…

We all need to hang on to the memories and as much ease as we can, so chase that truck if you hear the jolly tune.


Don’t think, don’t worry about shoes, grab some cash and run.


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