Phi Mu Family Cedar Point Trip

31 May


cp_wave_out_4c-a1526920_10102463170658284_5015458491256697314_nOn Wednesday I  met up with 6 of the Phi Mu sisters in my Family Tree. We took the mini road trip to one of Ohio’s greatest tourist attractions: Cedar Point. Located along Lake Erie, Cedar Point is an expansive collection of some of the worlds largest and most coveted roller coasters.

We enjoyed the trills and overcame fears from the time the park opened to the time it closed. We lucked out on a rain scare that never came to fruition and the lines were non-existent with the weather perfectly mild.

We tested their courage on:

The Gatekeeper, we got to ride this twice and its now my new favorite ride! :

Maverick we also got to ride this twice:

10401395_10154231102345083_2527814209262297544_nWe also rode the Raptor twice, Gemini, Iron Dragon, The Windseeker, Sky Ride, The Train twice, and Magnum XL 200…which turned out to be the most terrifying ride of all time! You spent half the ride hovering above the seat only held in place by a lap strap and bar. We all bought this photo because of the ridiculous face I was caught making while riding the Magnum.

10360467_10102457041371424_6802862522482533816_nWe also saw a short musical which was western and included the cancan, the show was really funny and came with free glasses of water! After the park closed we went out for a late dinner and then I drove two more hours home, it was after 1am when I made it home.

The day was spent laughing, reminiscing, and overall the day was beautiful and not wasted waiting in line! It was a great day to enjoying each others company and make new memories!


2 Responses to “Phi Mu Family Cedar Point Trip”

  1. Britany October 22, 2015 at 1:54 PM #

    Did you girls have any problems getting into any of those rides….. I see your all Plus size like me and I’m wanting to go but not if I can’t fit into anything….. Do not want to be embarrassed lol

    • jamielynnneal October 22, 2015 at 9:32 PM #

      At cedar point….sort of. Some of the rides have longer seat belts in some of the seats so that helps. The older rides are very narrow. The new rides where the seat belts are the huge bars that come over your shoulders those can be tricky….I had more of an issue at Harry Potter Land I wasn’t able to ride any of those rides which was a crazy huge downer. Honestly if you’re over 250 I’d say loose weight before you go. I’m not going back until I’ve lost weight it’s just a waste of money otherwise. #sucks

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