8 Jun

Duck-With-LadderI feel like I’m standing in a room full of ladders, with all of my friends and enemies. Some are sitting to the side doing their own thing, but many are climbing up the ladders happy or otherwise.

And here I am standing at the base looking left. Looking right. Looking up. And looking behind me. I have so many to choose from and I’m paralyzed.

One ladder is plain but sturdy; I know it will hold out for a long time. It’s sensible in it’s lack of latitude.


Another appears to have endless height and beauty but it’s not stable, it’s dangerous and weak one wrong move and I crash back down to earth; ladder shattered.


If only I knew which ladder to get on! I’d be knocking people over (if I had to) and climbing as fast and as high as I could.

But I can’t do that until I chose a ladder. Maybe I should drag two ladders next to each other and climb up two at once; then if something happens to one I have the other.


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