A Tale of Two Dogs

14 Jun

20140614-225428-82468434.jpgOnce upon a time there lived a beautiful pup-princess, she had fur pure as snow with strawberry blond ears and deep dark eyes.

She had mounds of toys, beauty products, coats, sweaters and treats but that was nothing compared to the compete adoration, praise, and love she received from her humans.

One day her human sister had a friend come to the castle to stay for a week, an this friend brought her pup-prince Jack.

Maggie wanted nothing to do with Jack, even for all his offerings of toys and playful teasing. He was the most playful prince in all the land and very loving but for days Maggie would run at the sight of him and hide if he got too close.

Towards the end of the princes stay Maggie decided to be friends with this strange dog. They would run and chase all around the castle having the grandest of times.

The pup-princess will miss her prince but is very pleased to have her castle and humans back to normal.

The end.



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