The Greatest Weekend Ever

1 Jul

islands of adventureThis past weekend will be hard to top! It started out Saturday with an hour long massage; which was just wonderful. After that my best friend, her husband and I all drove to Orlando.

We went shopping at a high end outlet mall where I purchased a Kate Spade bag 70% off as well as a pair of cream and gold bow earrings. Then we swam for two hours in the hotel pool….which in all honesty wasn’t the smartest move on my part.

I’m allergic to chlorine but if I swim in chilly water for a short period of time and then quickly shower followed by an allergy pill I’m usually fine. This water was warm, I stayed in for two hours, I did shower but I didn’t have an allergy pill so I woke up with an itchy skin rash. It was unfortunate….but entirely my fault.

jamie,amo,krisSo for Sunday we spent the day at Universal Islands of Adventures where, if you’ve lived under a rock and didn’t know, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is!

The park is enormous and has several themed sections including Dr. Seuss, Marvel Comics, Jurassic Park, Poseidon, Classic Comic Strips, and of course The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The 3D Spider-Man ride is incredible, the whole building where you wait in line looks and feels just like you’re at a newspaper. They give you 3D glasses right before you board the ride, definitely get the front row!! I can’t stress enough just how real the ride felt, if you’re going to Universal you need to check out this ride, any wait is worth it!!

The Jurassic Park boat ride was probably, in it’s hay-day incredible….some of the animatronics were a little tinny bit lame but the massive t-Rex right before the boat drops suddenly definitely makes a girl scream. If you do not want to get totally and completely soaked, sit in the very back.

butterbeerAnd finally the star of the show; The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’ve been dreaming of going since the very day I found out they were building the park…and 14 hours after my plane leaves Orlando headed for Ohio two new sections of the park will open…I cant even begin to explain how annoyed I am to be missing the new park sections by a mere hours. What was more upsetting then even that was waiting in line for over an hour to ride the Hogwarts ride, sitting in the seat, locking the seat and then being asked to get off the ride. That’s right I, along with my BFF’s hubby were asked to get off the ride because they couldn’t lock it properly. I have no idea what they were talking about, the seat was locked! After that we didn’t even try to ride the Dragon ride and the line for the Hippogriff ride was entirely too long.

It was totally and completely humiliating and heartbreaking. I am admittedly and totally aware that I am over weight but I’ll say this right now; I am NO where near as heavy as most people. I just don’t get why so many places in this world discriminate against the overweight. There is the “fat shamming” trend, plus size clothes are always atrocious with extra beading, cut outs, graphics, and whatever else cheap crap the fashion industry feels needs to be placed on plus size clothing not to mention you will not find ads with heavy people for anything other then diet pills, and only their before photos. I know this is a totally different topic then my “best weekend ever” but this whole situation really put a damper on my experience, so if you’re planning on spending money on gas to drive there, on a plane ticket and hotel…and then the $100 park ticket plus, food and water in the park then I suggest you lose some weight before you go if you are over weight. I’d say if you’re over 200 the likelihood of riding any of the rides there drops drastically.

Anyway enough downer gripping, overall we had a blast and I can’t wait to go back! Preferably when it’s not 101 degrees out….and then pours down rain….but you know it’s all memories now!

Things You Definitely Need To Try:

  1. Butterbeer is delicious
  2. Pumpkin Juice is equally as delicious
  3. Drink the Butterbeer there and save the Pumpkin Juice for at home to enjoy while having a Harry Potter movie marathon
  4. Chocolate frogs are very tasty “…but its the cards you want!” Again save for the movie marathon
  5. Eat lunch in the Three Broomsticks and get the$20 meal thing they offer  you, you can order whatever you want to eat and then get a drink and a snack in the park later that day!

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