6 Jul

l-ap26wlaqp0qtqbLast night I went to a Billiards place with my friends an some friends of theirs, being in Florida where public smoking isn’t yet prohibited, there was a smoking room and a non-smoking room.

We have two smokers in our group so we went into the smoking room. It’s quite an unpleasant experience. The Billiards and the company were both a good time but the smoke smells gross and feels gross in your lungs and on your skin.

The other thing about the smoking room was the culture. There were more scantily clad females, more PDA and to my great dislike, a fondness for “scream-o music”. If you can even call that vocal and eardrum destroying noise music.

I know when Ohio first banned public smoking, which has been years now, a lot of people were annoyed. But after experiencing public smoking as an adult I more fully appreciate the clean air Ohio offers.


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