Ocean; Life

7 Jul

20140707-233145-84705759.jpgThe ocean is this huge representation and embodiment of life. The thing itself, the ocean, life never actually changes.

The tide comes in and out with rhythm, generations pass. As your sitting on the beach the world seems to fade away all that there is the here and now, the peace, light, and joy.

So many moments in life feel like that, as if time pauses and you just breath.

The waves, obvious and powerful roll toward you; you see them coming, you can prepare. Some moments in life you can see coming and prepare for but every so often the undertow pulls you back an life throws you a curve.

No matter how hard and fast you swim you do not make much progress. You are submissive to the ocean, to life’s will. In the end no matter what you do we all end up sitting on the beach watching others fight the current.





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