The “Fatkini”

11 Jul

Gibson_girl_beachI just got home from a three week vacation in Florida where among other things I spent quite a bit of time at the beach. Myself along with my best friend decided we wanted to wear bikini’s this year…more accurately “fatkini’s”. I hate that name by the way.

The night before our first trip to the beach during my trip I stumbled across a history of bikini video on Facebook. I learned a lot of background information on bathing suites for women throughout history, most interestingly being that women were once wheeled out to the water in a small building to better preserve their modesty. The point of this women’s speech was to show the vast differences between what women used to believe and hold themselves to a certain modesty level, and how we are now at a point where modesty no longer exists and if it does its viewed as lame. At first I was thinking “wow this lady makes such an amazing point” but then as I am watching and listening to her I start to feel really crappy about myself. ( I KNOW that is not her intention)

photo (3)I just made this massive, for me, life decision to accept and love myself for who I am, as I am. And that I’m going to wear whatever I like, if I want to wear shorts or a bikini I’m going to. This was a huge step for me! When I was in middle and high school I wouldn’t even wear shorts in the summertime because I felt I wasn’t worthy of the privilege being fat, as I was. I was tormented by both genders throughout my education for my weight and grew to hate myself and hate my body. I starved myself for years trying to become what was acceptable.

10463914_10102508640316724_4707792172439513745_nSo now here I am all full of self acceptance and a cute, high wasted bikini in my vacation bag all ready to go and this woman is saying that studies are proving that women become objects and non-human in the eyes of men if they wear a bikini. Well that may be true and I get it there are a lot of beautiful, bone thin women out there rocking a string bikini. Some because they think its what makes them more attractive. But for others it truly does represent self love, acceptance and freedom.
Why are women still being held responsible for the morality of men? Why is it that people automatically get angry at women for showing to much skin? Why aren’t we mad at men for their brains deciding that half-clothed women are objects?

This lady, Jessica is her name, really does make some great points. But I have to say no thank you to her conclusion. Women do not need to cover up to keep men from dehumanizing them! If that’s what they’re doing we need to look at men and how they’re being raised and put a stop to their behavior and not automatically punish, discriminate, belittle, or restrict women.10517512_10102555109217674_4286177200441170352_n

And as for the “fatkini” if you see a curvy, heavy, chunky, voluptuous,  or fat women wearing a bikini do not ridicule her; be happy for her. Because you have no idea the emotional, mental, and possibly even physical journey she went on to give herself permission to wear that bikini.


4 Responses to “The “Fatkini””

  1. Hallie July 11, 2014 at 5:47 PM #

    Love this! Completely agree. Also, you totally rocked that bikini!

  2. danielleslone July 11, 2014 at 6:00 PM #

    I work for a popular plus size retail store, and you would be amazed how many women come into the store feeling so insecure about their bodies. They get scared when they see items we are selling like bikinis, sexy apparel, and lower cut bras. I simply explain to them that the concept behind this is to enhance their natural beauty. They wouldn’t have designed these items if they didn’t think larger women could pull it off. Granted not everything works for every woman, but it’s options- something I think women don’t get very often in terms of apparel.

    I often tell our customers that you’re not walking around with your size tattooed on your head, so no one can see that- they only see how great and happy you look. So gosh darn it if you want to wear a bikini go for it! And I think you pulled it off very nicely 🙂

    • jamielynnneal July 11, 2014 at 6:04 PM #

      Thanks Danielle! I’m glad you’re helping women see that they are more then the number on their clothing tags!

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